Download parkour map for Android / iOS - Labyrinth

Get a little distracted from the battles with mobs, PVP battles in gladiatorial arenas, and start going through ... Read more »

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Halloween Adventure map for Minecraft PE Android, iOS

The popular Halloween holiday has arrived on this card. You are now the guest of honor of this ... Read more »

Download Modern house map for Minecraft PE on Android

This modern house, as always, is made in the original style, and if you want to build the same or even better ... Read more »

Map for iOS / Android - The White House Minecraft PE

You can add this original structure to your collection of maps, and a ... Read more »

Download map for Minecraft PE - The Lost World on iOS or Android

The plot of this map is such that when you escape from prison you find yourself in a completely destroyed world in which you need to survive, and along the way, collect material for the ... Read more »

Map for Minecraft PE / Daenor Medieval Town

This medieval city was built for lovers of historical buildings, and in our opinion, all the houses and buildings are made ... Read more »

Map for MCPE on Android / Casa del terror

This map is made in the style of Halloween, and if you crave dangerous and extreme adventures of ... Read more »

Map for Minecraft iOS / Android - Army base

If you are going to arrange military exercises on your server, then ... Read more »

Map for tablet or phone / AIRBUS Minecraft PE

Here, on the base, there are beautifully built passenger planes, airliners and other ... Read more »

Download map for MCPE - Mcity

When you install this map on your phone or tablet, you will find yourself in the midst of a city with multi-storey buildings ... Read more »

Minecraft 1.6.4 client with mods Duskwood and Taumcraft

     Many players like RPG games, and again, after digging up half of the Internet a little, we concluded that we need to collect the original Minecraft client, which will include mods for epic swords, potions with spells, a new biome ... Read more »

Download launcher for minecraft 1.6.4 with 78 mods

     Minecraft launcher with mods will not only make it easier for you to find add-ons, but will also delight you with our amazing build, and here you will have access to mods for new blocks, with which you can make a real structure out of your building, and which will be built like this as you have long ago conceived ... Read more »

Download Minecraft 1.5.2 with 42 best mods

     After lengthy beta tests, we still prepared for you a unique assembly with mods, and when we made this assembly, we noticed that it contains only the best mods for version 1.5.2 ... Read more »