Ashwins' Furniture Mod Minecraft PE 1.20, 1.19 for Android / iOS

Ashwins' Furniture Mod Minecraft PE 1.20, 1-19 for Android / iOS

Would you like to install on your mobile device with Android (iOS) or Windows on PC and get special things in your cube collection that will give Minecraft PE a more realistic atmosphere?


Mod Ashwins' Furniture Minecraft PE 1.20 for Mobile


And if you are also a musician, then the mod will present you with a gift in the form of a synthesizer and a small table and a mobile device screen, but alas, so far the developer has not added mechanisms to control these devices, so for now this addition is added only for decorative purposes.


The author of the modification recommends playing in creative mode so that you can select the necessary items in your inventory and create a graphic masterpiece in the Minecraft lego sandbox.

Mod Ashwins' Furniture Minecraft PE 1.20 for Android


What is the Electrics Furniture mod for Bedrock Edition 1.20 - 1.19?
At such times, users of the game with some modifications with various add-ons for cars, weapons or role-playing adventures almost rarely get interested in anyone, but the author of this creation is tirelessly developing masterpieces in terms of decorative items for the interior of your mansion or small house.

Mod Ashwins' Furniture Minecraft PE 1.20 for iOS


In this topic, we will talk about a unique modification that will complement the cubic inventory with decorative items for electrical equipment, and for sure this add-on will add an unusual 3D style to the blocky world of Minecraft PE, since now you can equip your home in a new way, add a TV with speakers, tablets and even install a simple smartphone.

At the beginning, after installing the mod, activate the experimental mode in the saved map, so that the addon for vehicles works stably and without errors.

Mod Ashwins' Furniture Minecraft PE 1.20 for Windows 11, 10e


The main features of the add-on for Bedrock:

This modification is easy to add items so that you can more or less create a realistic design in Minecraft. Users will even be able to add these decorative items to a small home and see how the blocky world flourishes compared to the regular items that come with the regular version.

Free Download Mod Ashwins' Furniture Minecraft PE for Android, iOS


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How to set Mods Minecraft PE?

  • Open file manager Android
  • Through file manager for open the folder in which the .mcaddon file is located and launch it, Minecraft will open automatically and you will see at the top of the game screen that the addon is being imported.
  • After successful import, go to settings Minecraft map
  • Next step - Activate Resources and Behaviors
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