Black Panther Mod [1.20-1.18] - Marvel for Android

Phone Mod - Black Panther [1.20] - Black Panther for Minecraft

For fans of Marvel comics and movie movies, we present the Black Panther mod so that fans of the Minecraft PE " Bedrock Edition " game can add another creation to their iPhone or Android mobile devices , as well as users on a PC with Windows 10.

Let's start with what this modification actually adds?

  • Added famous characters from the movie
  • Super hero costumes.
  • Fantastic features of your character and added mobs.
  • Added epic weapons


Download Minecraft mod for mobile / Black Panther 1.20

Phone Mod - Black Panther [1.20] - Black Panther for Minecraft

Download Android mod for Minecraft 1.20


The Marvel universe has already created a lot of modifications and this addition is a continuation of the fantastic story for the lego blocky sandbox.


Now dangerous characters and heroes from the movie will appear on the uncharted territory, the endless game. Each NPC will be equipped with unique abilities, and the player will be able to create some parts of super hero costumes for himself.


Free download iPhone mod for Minecraft


The process of creating clothes for the player is divided into several stages. The suit can give you some abilities.



Among the super heroes added characters:

  • Black Panther
  • Ulysses Claue
  • Okay
  • Iron heart
  • Killmonger
  • Namor
  • Attuma etc.


Pay special attention to the fact that you need to activate experimental mode when you create a map.


How to set Mods Minecraft PE?

  • Open file manager Android
  • Through file manager for open the folder in which the .mcaddon file is located and launch it, Minecraft will open automatically and you will see at the top of the game screen that the addon is being imported.
  • After successful import, go to settings Minecraft map
  • Next step - Activate Resources and Behaviors
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