DayZ Gun, Vehicles and Zombie Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Immerse yourself in the extreme world of the Zombie Apocalypse after adding the DayZ mod for Minecraft PE "Bedrock Edition 1.20" on your Windows 10 PC or install the new add-on in MCPE on your mobile device.


This thrilling modification in the genre of horror stories and battles Zombie creatures and elite soldiers in the cube game updates the game universe with an original add-on with unique features for the blocky atmosphere of the game.


Now you will have cars, monsters and other elements that are integrated into the game dimension, while the vanilla style of play will change dramatically, creating not just a building sandbox, but completely changing the presentation of the standard version of the game in dangerous adventures for Bedrock Edition users.


Destroy hordes of infectious individuals that roam the apocalyptic world, among foggy jungles, forests or desert biomes, accumulate food supplies, collect blocks to build defenses from added monsters trying to storm your territory.


Addon Dayz - This is an updated mod that not only adds new content, but also creates unique biomes with creatures filled in the ordinary world of Minecraft 1.20 that have no limits and attack your character when they appear in the player's line of sight.


The modification also adds all sorts of supplies to remove thirst, refresh yourself and go into battle again.


The main features of the Zombie Apocalypse mod for Minecraft Bedrock Wasteland biome will now change the desert biome and create a new atmosphere with zombies infested with hostile creatures.


According to the author, you can find various weapons in the add-on, but when reviewing this modification, at first there was no such add-on in the creative inventory of the game. After that, we decided to activate the settings with "‎Mojang Experimental Features"‎, and surprisingly in The cubic game has added a small but deadly arsenal of weapons for Zombie creatures, which complements the game with 8 types of weapons for 100% protection of your area and attack on Zombie monsters.

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android


And as for a regular 3D shooter, the developers saw it necessary to make it easier for users to not only shoot creatures from a bow, but also give your character some advantage over the hordes of Zombies.


Guns will now be added to your new arsenal

  • Gun
  • Sniper rifle
  • Tactical assault rifle with laser sight
  • Minigun, as well as a protective machine gun that can be placed around the perimeter of your house, so that when zombies approach, this gun will automatically destroy a flock of creatures trying to penetrate your territory.

To accurately shoot monsters, you need to press the crouch button on the computer or if you play on mobile devices, after which a crosshair will appear on the screen of your device.

  • A regular pistol does significant damage to hostile creatures when fired, but the rate of fire is not as high as we would like in some situations.

The capacity of the magazine for cartridges is eight pieces, and in principle it is excellent for close-range battles.

The army machine can be selected in the creative game mode or purchased from the military soldier added with this modification, but only in the wasteland of the blocky biome.

  • Stryker Shotgun - This weapon is for close range firefights and also has a slow rate of fire, but the damage dealt by this weapon is excellent.
  • Minigun Weapon - This is a fast-firing cannon that fires dozens of rounds per second at a horde of zombies and the damage is superior to all the weapons that this add-on adds, but in order to reload in survival mode, you need to create a special box of ammo.


In addition to hostile creatures, the DayZ mod adds civilian NPCs and infected, which can infect normal mobs, after which they will also be infected.


The game has added a Deer, which, when destroyed, drops a stack of meat that can be cooked on the stove for refreshment, and is a great addition to replenish health.


Creatures Kamikaze - These are specially designed infected modifications added by the author in the amount of 3 types and skulls that drop out after the death of these creatures can be exchanged for cash in the Minecraft game currency.


The first type of Zombie Kamikaze - The health of these creatures, when lost, activates the walking speed of these hostile mobs, and when approached, they can explode near your character.


The second variant of Kamikaze are infectious monsters that function like the first type, only they hit the player with radiation by spewing a smoke screen when activated, since these types of zombies carry large barrels of chemical composition. But in order to protect the player character, you need to wear a special a helmet that you can find in your inventory.


The third option, Kamikaze Zombie, works very simply and when approaching the player, it can attack with cubic slime, while your character will also be subject to chemical poisoning.

Added mob Soldier - This is your ally, who shoot all kinds of creatures in their radius of action.

This modification adds infected soldiers in chemical outfits and is very dangerous, so you should definitely stock up on ammunition and take a cannon to destroy this mob at a long distance.


Marauders will now be added to the game, which not only destroy zombies, but can also attack player characters and local NPC residents.


Fregon Car - This is a car that can be obtained not only in creative mode, but also in survival mode, but to move on this vehicle you need to replenish fuel from fuel barrels or canisters.

The most powerful weapon that adds the DayZ mod is an automatic machine gun that starts shooting if an ammo box is placed near it and attacks all creatures that are within the range of this gun.


In addition to the aforementioned Zombies and Weapons, the add-on adds decorative blocks to the game dimension that relate to the atmosphere of the Zombie Apocalypse and are designed to bring your creative ideas to life in a cubic world, but there are also such items that are useful for opening abandoned cabinets found in Apocalyptic structures .


Addon for Minecraft PE 1.20 adds various types of loot, boxes with first-aid kits, cartridges that can be found in the wastelands of the zombie universe.

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

To add all items, blocks and weapons, you need to activate Experimental Developer Mode in your map settings.


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How to install a Minecraft PE assembly with mods on a phone or tablet?

  • Download the file with the extension .mcworld
  • Using any file manager, open the file in order to import the game world with mods into Minecraft PE 1.20 or 1.19 on your phone
  • Next, open the Minecraft game on your mobile device and launch the map, which has already added mods for weapons and military equipment


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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