Download Jurassic park mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.9

Download Jurassic park mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.9

The Jurassic park mod is based on a science-fiction movie and adds about a dozen dinosaurs to the tablet version of Minecraft PE while replacing the eighteen mobs that are in the regular version of the game with new little animals, or more correctly, ancient reptiles, dinosaurs. And it will transfer your character to prehistoric era, during the habitat of hostile monsters .


     This is the best dinosaur mod currently available for MCPE. You will have the opportunity to hunt these dinosaurs or tame one of the little animals by making it a pet, but when you see the Tyrech dinosaur, then forget about the pet and start attacking this hostile beast.


     In fact, the developers of this add-on did a very gorgeous job and combined with a dozen other mods and made an impressive modification that deserves praise.


     And of course, do not forget that in this Jurassic Park you are not a hunter, but real game, because if you do not have good armor and weapons, then you need to be very vigilant and pay attention to quietly creeping little animals :) 

Features of the mod:
- Added cars

- You can tame a dinosaur by taking a piece of meat and clicking on this little animal

Download Jurassic park mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.9

- Raptor dinosaurs replace pig mobs

- The dash of a dinosaur will replace the creeper

- Ankylosaurus - This friendly little animal eats mainly grass and creepers

Download Jurassic park mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.9

- Dilophosaurus replaces skeletons

- Spinosaurus replaces zombies and can be tamed and which is suitable for riding

- Indomih Reh - This is a hostile and dangerous little animal that replaces golems

- ludodactus replace bats

- Brachiosaurus replaces the cow


Download Jurassic park mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.9


- Triceratops - A friendly dinosaur eats grass, replaces the bear and a dozen other dinosaurs that can be seen in the game MCPE.


- Unzip the archive
- Run the jurassic-craft-behaviors.mcpack  and jurassic-craft-resources.mcpack files through ES Explorer , which automatically imports the Jurassic park mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.9

After successful import, go to the game settings, click on "Global Resources" and see the resources "J urasic Craft " in the right column and activate by clicking on the plus, then click the play button, create a world and click on the button where there is an inscription " Resource Sets " and there There is a mod that also needs to be activated.




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