Download Simple Furniture mod for Android for Minecraft PE 1.2.9

Download Simple Furniture mod for Android for Minecraft PE 1.2.9

Simple Furniture mod adds chairs, tables and other types of items that will help improve the interior of your home . Your character will be able to interact with some of these things, for example, take a high chair and sit in front of fireplaces, after the annoying buildings in Minecraft PE. 

Features of the mod:
- The subject of forge is to replace the shalker, which is used as the main one for building furniture, and will also turn coal into valuable resources (iron ingot, diamond or gold).
- Use a dye of a certain color in order to create the necessary item ..
- A gray dye is used to create the refrigerator, after which you can store objects in it.
- You can cook on the stove.


The archive will have two folders with the mod, textures and in which there are files with the extension .mcpack, to install the mod you need to install ES Explorer on your Android and then run these files one by one so that the explorer will import a new add-on for Minecraft PE.


After import, go to the game settings, click on “ Global Resources ” and see the textures that you need to add and click on the plus in the right column, then click the play button, create a world and click on the button where there is an inscription “ Resource Sets ” and there is a mod that also need to activate.



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