Download world or map from Minecraft server 1.14.4
Minecraft mod 1.5.2 to download the world or map from the server
World Downloader mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 is designed to download the map or the whole world from any server. This mod is very useful if you have been building something for a long time and you still managed to embody your fantasies in the game by building a magnificent castle or a small mansion, and on some beautiful day on the server on which you are playing Wipe takes place. For those who do not know what Vipe is - This is a complete reset and replacement of the map, or you can say clearing the server from all buildings except the spawn of course. Now you can use this mod to save your building and transfer all buildings to your computer.

How to download a world or a map from any server?

We go into the game and connect to the server on which you are playing and press the "Esc" button to enter the game menu, here we see a new button Download this world, which appeared after installing the mod, click on the button next to it" ... "and go to the next section or you can leave all the settings unchanged and click Download.

In this Menu there are different settings for saving the map, you you can set the weather, time on the map, the mode in which you will play and the player's position after downloading the world and playing on the local computer.

World Overrides: Time settings on the map.
  • Sunrise: Sunrise
  • Morning: Morning
  • Noon: Noon
  • Evening: Evening
  • Sunset: Sunset
  • Midnight: Night

Weather: Set the weather on the map
  • Don't change: Don't change anything
  • Sunny: Sunny
  • Rain: Rain
  • Thunderstorm: Thunderstorm

Game Mode: 
Don ' t change: Leave the default settings
  • Creative: Creative mode, you can build and you will not be attacked by mobs
  • Survival: Survival mode
  • Survival Hardcore: Very difficult mode

Spawn position: Specify the position where you will be after saving the world
Automatic: Automatically the mod sets the position, leave this item unchanged if you want after saving the world you stay in the same place where you started saving the world
Player position: put your coordinates

Instructions on how to download a world or a map from the Minecraft server

After changing the settings, click on the Done button .

After setting all the necessary parameters in this mod, you can safely press the Start download or Download this World button .

World Downloader Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

To stop downloading, go back to the game menu of the game and click Stop download .

Minecraft mod / Download map from Minecraft server

Now, after waiting a little, you will see the inscription: Save complete. Your single player file is ready to play, now the map is fully saved for the game.

Save map from server to computer / Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Maps are saved in the .minecraft/save folder - The name of the save.

To play on the local computer, click the single game and select the saved world.

Instructions or how to install the World Downloader mod for Minecraft:
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