Free Download Minecraft PE 1.16.210 - Caves & Ciffs for Android

Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android

This is MCPE edition of Minecraft for modern smartphones and tablets running Android, iOSXbox and Windows 11, 10. Naturally, this is not a complete copy of your favorite minecraft, but it is actively updated, with each update many new features are added to the game.


What is Minecraft PE / MCPE? 
The game was optimized for work on phones, management, inventory, but in general it remained an ordinary minecraft. Mods add new blocks, new creatures, new biomes, etc. to mancraft. Thanks to mods, you can really change the game. Don't worry, the mods are pretty easy to install.


Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android

Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android

The generation of the Underworld of Minecraft has been radically changed by the introduction of four locations and many structures, each of which is strikingly different from the others in color, atmosphere, blocks and enemies.



  • Among the large number of interesting and beautiful places in Minecraft PE, it is worth highlighting the Basalt deltas. A distinctive black area of this place is poor visibility due to the fog in the air. It is worth moving around here carefully, because lava is poured everywhere.



  • Bastions in Minecraft have many types, but they all have a common feature - devastation. That is why you can get inside from almost any side of the building.


In the bastions of Minecraft you will find labyrinths with chests, which will contain:

  • saddles
  • gold
  • obsidian
  • magma and more.


Distorted forest:

  • The distorted forest in Minecraft is the safest place in the Nether. This is due to the fact that there are no enemies from the word at all, there are only wanderers of the End around. The entire location is made in blue-green colors, including fog.



  • In Minecraft, the developers paid special attention to the enemies that inhabit anywhere in the Lower World. For example, Piglin is a very beautiful and at the same time strong mob of the new version of the MCPE Hell update. He can use either a golden sword or a crossbow to attack. In relation to the player, he is neutral by default. But when you open a chest near him, he will become aggressive.



  • Strider is the most unusual mob of the Hellworld in Minecraft PE 1.16.20, primarily due to the fact that it spawns in lava. That is why he is not afraid of fire and fire. His unique ability is to carry the player on him.


Chronicle of Chaos Browser Game:

  • Gather an army of powerful heroes and develop their skills. Show what you are capable of!
  • For this, as standard, you need a saddle. However, you can only indicate the direction of travel with a fishing rod with a mushroom on the hook.



  • Hoglin in Minecraft is the only creature that can bring food to Hell. In this case, for greater benefit, it is better to breed them first, feed them with distortion or crimson mushrooms. By default, this mob is neutral to all creatures and the player, except for Zoglin, since this is its complete opposite.


Blocks and items:

  • Among the many decorative blocks of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there was a place for a target mechanism. This block can be easily integrated into any mechanism, since when hit by an arrow from a bow or crossbow, it will give a redstone signal. In this case, the length will depend on how accurately the shooter hit.



  • To navigate the world in Minecraft, the player has the opportunity to use a magnet. He will work both in the upper world and in Hell.
  • It must be used with a compass to work correctly. Take it in your right hand and click on the top of the magnet. The compass will change its texture to indicate inclusion.


Respawn anchor:

  • Respawn anchor in Minecraft PE 1.16.20 is a block that will greatly facilitate survival in Hell. His goal is to move the spawn point from the bed to Hell. That is, after death, the player will appear immediately in the Nether. But first you need to charge the anchor with a lightstone block.

Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android

Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android

Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android

Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android

Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android

Minecraft PE Caves & Ciffs on Android


As well as the computer version of the game - Minecraft for the phone supports mods, textures, maps. This allows you to change the game even on phones.


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive

Free Download Minecraft Mods, Maps, Textures

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