Download Modpack Flan's pack 1.17.10

Free Download Minecraft Flan's pack

Minecraft game is a huge cube sandbox in which you can wander around the world regardless of different restrictions, as the game has a completely open world in which you can even climb the highest mountain and build a cozy house in snowy biomes.


The game is made in such a way that there is no storyline, except of course that when you create a portal and find yourself in the Ender dimension, you need to destroy the «Dragon» boss flying in your domain and replenishing your health from magic items.


     Here you will have access to any blocks, things, objects and for each item its own functions are set, for example, if you craft a stove and throw coal and meat into it, then in a matter of seconds you will have fried bacon or take, for example, mechanisms made of red dust, which can be used to create doors that automatically open when the lights are turned on.


     You can write a lot of text about the Minecraft game, but we are not in the library :) We now need to install the Minecraft game with mods.


And so, what do we have in this assembly:

  • added the global Flan's mod, which is the best addon in the Minecraft game and which adds a couple of dozen 3D cars with cool graphics.
  • added mods for weapons with a full set of ammunition, armor, machine guns and pistols.
  • added military transport
  • BiblioCraft mod that adds new things and items
  • Added Clearing Block mod, which will help you clear a large area of ??territory from unnecessary blocks or buildings to create a new world in a cube sandbox.
  • added NEI mod, with which you can change the time of day, select any items by specifying the ID of things and other add-ons.


Free Download Minecraft Flan's pack

Free Download Minecraft Flan's pack


Added Shaders Mod - These are realistic shaders with beautiful graphics that enhance the cubic atmosphere by adding beautiful 3D graphics.


Added the CheatingEssentials mod, if you read by the name of the mod, you probably already realized that these are add-ons for the cheating mode, which activates the flight function, look through the walls, see all the ores that are in the mines, the ability to get any game items, enable the AIM bot and much other features with an updated add-on for Minecraft.

Free Download Minecraft Flan's pack


 Added a mod with military planes

Free Download Minecraft Flan's pack


Added a mod to the mini-map, which is a great addition, which shows the location of all monsters, mobs or local residents that also live in the cube sandbox.

Free Download Minecraft Flan's pack

Free Download Minecraft Launcher 1.7.10 with Mods


PS If the game does not start, then you need to reinstall Java or video card drivers, but there is still a third option that your video card may not support 3D shaders, so what we do:

  • go to the .minecraft/mods folder and delete the ShadersModCore-v2.3.31 file -mc1.7.10-f.jar
  • in the .minecraft folder, delete the options.txt , optionsof.txt, optionsshaders.txt files


How to install Minecraft with mods?

  • Download the archive from our site.
  • Unpack the archive.
  • We see an incomprehensible file, but for some reason there is no assembly - This is an Internet shortcut that will enter on Yandex disk where the assembly with mods is located, the size of which is 280 MB


Download from Yandex.Disk

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