Mod Realistic Water for Minecraft 1.5.2

Make realistic water in Minecraft 1.5.2 / Water Shader Mod

Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 Water Shader Mod.The first time Minecraft was released for sale, its graphical capabilities were poor and different from all other games. After a while, when they started to build beautiful buildings or sculptures, it was already clear that something needed to be done with the graphics and for this, texture packs began to appear, but with the help of textures, the appearance of the water changed and was not so realistic, for this using advanced 3D technologies, improved the quality of water display with the help of 3-dimensional shaders and $ CUT $ now the water has become much more realistic, in it you can see the reflection of buildings, trees, you can even see what is at the depth of the ocean. If you have a good video card in combination with this mod adds maximum realistic performance to the graphics.



Installing the mod or how to make realistic water in the game:

This realistic water mod will only work on good video cards that support special video shaders.

It is recommended that you back up the minecraft.jar file so that you can restore the original file.

To install mods, you must first install ModLoader

Install Optifine HD
  1. Download the archive from the mods
  2. Open the folder with the Minecraft game, you can do it like this: for Windows XP: click Start -> Run -> In the window that opens, write % appdata% , for Win7 Vista, click Start and in the search bar enter % appdata% and open the .minecraft folder In the .minecraft / bin folder, find the minecraft.jar file
  3. Open the minecraft.jar file with any archiver (Rar, Zip or other archiver that you have installed on your computer).
  4. Transfer the shader folder from the mod archive to the .minecraft / bin folder to get .minecraft / bin / shader
  5. Copy all files with the .class extension from the downloaded mod archive to the minecraft.jar file .
  6. Delete the folder from the minecraft.jar META_INF file .
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