Modpack GTA Gun Minecraft PE 1.20 - iOS, Android

Modpack GTA Minecraft PE 1.20 - iOS, Android

The Minecraft game continues to develop and in the meantime we decided to update the first part of the GTA mod pack for weapons and add high-quality 3D models of cars and improve the graphic atmosphere with installed shaders in Bedrock Edition 1.20.

Minimum system requirements for mobile devices:

Processor 8-core
RAM at least 4GB
Videos modern technology accelerator


Modpack GTA Minecraft PE 1.20 - iOS, Android

Modpack GTA Minecraft PE 1.20 - iOS, Android

Added military-themed mods to the minecraft assembly:

  • Map GTA 5 Los Santos
  • Battle craft - Mod for weapons and military vehicles


Download Minecraft PE Modpack 1.20 - iOS, Android



  • Lancia
  • Mazda
  • Triumph


Modpack GTA Minecraft PE 1.20 - iOS, Android

Additional addons:

Unique eggs

  • Shaders CSBE - added an add-on to improve the quality of graphics
  • Textures Block Pixel 16x - Resource pack added to speed up FPS on simple devices


Free Download Modpack GTA - Minecraft PE 1.20 - iOS, Android

Old models of cars have been replaced with more advanced technology in visual terms, as well as with new special effects.

The second part of the beta version of the mod pack has surpassed all the expectations of the fans of the game from the Minecraft community and now even the most ardent racers will be able to feel the power of the engine during extreme driving on the roads of the cube map from GTA 5 San Andreas.


Modpack GTA Minecraft PE 1.20 - iOS, Android


This collectible collection with mods for a phone with an Android or iPhone operating system, as well as for Windows 10 users, will not leave indifferent even new users of the block game.


Download Free Modpack GTA - Minecraft PE 1.20

The main emphasis on the graphical look of the game, which we decided to change to a realistic look, moved to a new level of three-dimensional landscapes, at sunset and sunrise, players will see epic graphics thanks to ultra quality shaders.


Modpack GTA Minecraft PE 1.20 - iOS, Android


You can also create an online server and invite your friends to participate in cube shooters, as well as work together on massive buildings and use mods for fun adventures, but also add that we have mods that can completely change the way you play, making it look like a completely different game.


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How to install a Minecraft PE assembly with mods on a phone or tablet?

  • Download the file with the extension .mcworld
  • Using any file manager, open the file in order to import the game world with mods into Minecraft PE 1.20 on your phone
  • Next, open the Minecraft game on your mobile device and launch the map, which has already added mods for weapons and military equipment
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