More Food Mod MCPE 1.20, 1.19 for iOS, Android, Win 10

Mod More Food [1.19] - More food for Minecraft for Android / Phone

Overcoming various aspects, the author of the addon decided to expand the boundaries of regular food in Minecraft PE, and now the More Food mod adds more than thirty new recipes based on the original ones. 


Mod More Food [1.19] - More food for Minecraft for Android / Phone


The modification is not going to complicate the cooking process, its role is to add new dishes whose recipes contain or use standard products that are already in stock. Thus, you get more options for using bread, eggs or meat by adding them to various culinary recipes.


Mod More Food [1.19] - More food for Minecraft for Android / Phone


Features of changes in the new version of the mod for Minecraft PE:

  • Added new food
  • Added new cooking recipes
  • Added fruit and berry blocks
  • Changed the nutritional value of some products


A small list of added food:

  •  cooked bacon
  • Chocolate
  •  watermelon juice
  •  essential apple
  •  heavy apple
  •  Fruit salad
  •  raw bacon
  •  chicken stew
  •  Slime jelly
  •  sliced ??pumpkin
  •  egg sandwich
  •  wheat cone
  •  Cone of boiled wheat
  •  Ice cream
  •  double ice cream
  •  fried egg
  •  Raw minced beef
  •  Cooked minced beef
  •  Sweet berry juice


How to install Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

  • Download the modification to your mobile device
  • Click on the previously downloaded .mcaddon file to import it into Minecraft PE ( Bedrock Edition )
  • Enter the game
  • Create a new or edit an existing world (map)
  • Move the menu down to the sections of the added " Resources and options " and select the ones you want to activate


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