Pirates Addon Minecraft PE 1.20 for iOS, Win 10, Android

Pirates mod for Minecraft PE 1.16 on Android

If you miss pirate romance, incredible adventures and hot battles then download Pirates mod for Minecraft on Android. The modification will add pirates and pirate ships to the game, each of which will be filled with loot to the very deck, but the pirates will not rush to part with it and will attack you in any attempt to encroach on their wealth.


     In addition to the pirates and ships themselves, 5 types of new weapons will be added to the game, each of which will have its own unique characteristics. For some, a light sword is perfect, and someone is armed with a heavy sword, the choice is yours.

Each ship will be home to 5 pirates with different ranks and skills, namely: captain, commander, swordsman, duelist and gunner. Each of them will have their own unique skills, health and damage. The strongest of them, as you understood, the captain will have 60 health points.


Pirates mod for Minecraft PE 1.16 on Android


6 new weapons are presented in each material: wood, gold, stone, iron, diamond and netherite. Boarding sabers are lighter swords that allow you to run faster than you would normally with a regular sword. They also do more damage than a sword, however they cannot be enchanted or repaired. All crafting recipes are listed below:


In the game you will encounter two types of ships, small and large. Small ships will not have a large number of pirates, but the loot there will not be so rich. Large ships have more loot chests, but their crew will be much larger and more dangerous.


This modification also includes small arms that can be obtained by killing a pirate shooter. This musket has an unlimited number of shots and deals huge damage, but has extremely low accuracy.


How to install mod for Minecraft PE?

  • Download and Unzip archive
  • Install ES Explorer on your device
  • Through ES Explorer, open the folder in which the PiratesRUpdate.mcpack and PiratesBUpdate.mcpack files is located and launch it, Minecraft should open automatically and you will see at the top of the game screen that the addon is being imported
  • After successful import, go to settings, global resources and activate textures for addon.
  • When you create a map or play in a saved game, you need to go to the settings and activate the  parameter sets and resource sets


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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