Download Minecraft 1.12.2 Java Edition

Have you already updated? For all fans of the Minecraft 3D sandbox, here is the official launcher.


To create chic graphics in a beautiful 3D style, we recommend installing realistic shaders .


And so, what did the developers of this cubic game correct or add:

  • Added new Minecraft Java Edition logo in the main menu of the screen


Bugs fixed:

  • While in the lower world, the player opened a chest that did not close until you open another, but now this bug has been fixed.
  • Funnels inside the chunk can propagate other objects
  • When a player threw pearls into the portal, he was teleported to the terrain in the lower world, only when your character was in the standard world.
  • Now, being in a cave or in some kind of acoustic room, you will hear normal music and other changes.

This version of the game is the official release, which comes without mods, add-ons and other add-ons.


To enter the game you must have a registered account on the official minecraft.net website


You may be wondering why you need a Minecraft account?


     You will need an account if you want to play on official game servers, for example, hypixel.net server  or on other projects.


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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It's good that you have the original version of the game, without any third-party add-ons, since I want to make my own collection of mods.

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