Download mod Divine RPG for Minecraft 1.5.2


Divine RPG adventure adds popular add-ons to Minecraft, which will be fun to travel and spend time in a mysterious world, where there are many innovations in the chic build with mods .


Near the fortress you will find a small bunker in which there are hidden traps with mechanisms, when you try to approach the chest they will shoot you with arrows, it is advisable to take more torches with you since there is practically no special visibility and dangerous monsters roam everywhere :)



List of the main mods that are included in the RPG Pack assembly:


  • Inventory Tweaks - Mod for sorting and facilitating the transfer of things.


  • Millenaire - Mod Adds New Residents, Farmers, and Fortress Guards


  • DamageIndicators - The mod will show the damage done


  • ReiMinimap - Mini Map


  • Battle Towers - When creating a map, towers are generated in an arbitrary place on the map, on each floor there are


  • spawns of different mobs, spiders, skeletons, zombies, even there are skeletons dressed in armor.


  • Ironchest - Create new chests from diamonds, iron and other materials.


  • BiblioCraft - The mod adds cabinets, bookshelves, a hanger for armor, a desk and so on.


  • Catapult Mod
  • Dimensional Doors
  • Elemental Tinkerer
  • Ender Storage
  • Reliquary
  • Secret Rooms Mod
  • WildCaves
  • Inventory Tweaks - Mod for sorting and facilitating the transfer of things.


  • Tale of Kingdoms - During the creation of the map, the mod will build a small fortress and the locals, in which there will be various quest tasks, going to one of the inhabitants will give you bread, you can buy tools for a certain amount of money.

Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Divine Rpg mod / Download / 1.5.2

Bedside table for potions

Mod for Minecraft / Desk

Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 / Tower

Skeleton spawn

Spawn spiders

How to add mods to Minecraft?

  • Install Minecraft Forge .
  • Install GuiAPI
  • Download the archive with mods Divine RPG .
  • Unzip to any folder.
  • Mods from the " mods " folder must be copied along with the .zip archives to the .minecraft / mods folder ( do not unpack the archives )
  • Other mods from the " coremods " folder, copy to the .minecraft / coremods folder
  • Copy the config folder to .minecraft


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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