Download launcher for minecraft 1.6.4 with 78 mods

Download launcher for minecraft 1.6.4 with 78 mods

     Minecraft launcher with mods will not only make it easier for you to find add-ons, but will also delight you with our amazing build, and here you will have access to mods for new blocks, with which you can make a real structure out of your building, and which will be built like this as you have long ago conceived , and there are also mods for weapons, items, magic potions, motorcycles and other excellent mods.


  • Animal Bikes - Mod adds mobs that you can ride all over the world of Minecraft games.


  • Survival Wings 1.2.3 - This is a magic item that you can teleport with.


  • Massive Trees Mod 1.6.4 - Huge trees will be generated throughout the map in the Minecraft game.


  • BetterFonts 1.0.3 - Mod improves the fonts in the game.


  • Mine Painter  - This mod is made for aspiring artists.


  • More Swords Mod 2.6.0 - When these swords appear in your arsenal, all the mobs will seem to you to be a small obstacle in your path.


  • Wonderful Wands Mod-1.6.4 - The mod will add magic wands to the game, and each of them will have magical abilities.


  • ModBuild - Building Mod


  • Too Much TNT v2.6 - With this mod you will become a real demolitionist who can, if desired, by setting one nuclear bomb, destroy all houses within a radius of 200 blocks.


  • SecretAgentCraft - Mod adds things, items, weapons, and secret agent armor.


  • PortalGun 2.0.1 - Fantastic weapons will complement your collection in your military arsenal.


Additional mods:

  • Cars and Vehicles
  • Clearing Block
  • Better Bows
  • Billund
  • CodeChickenCore
  • ConfigMod
  • CoroAI
  • CraftableHorseArmor
  • Decocraft
  • OptiFine HD U C8
  • Parachute
  • Dirtbike
  • SpaceCore 0.2.8
  • ArmorStatusHUD
  • bspkrsCorev 5.0
  • Everlasting Tools
  • Old Book Recipe 1.0.0
  • StartingInventory.ML
  • Status Effect HUD v1.19
  • iChunUtil 2.3.0
  • Ironchest universal
  • LomLib universal 1.1.0
  • DubstepGun
  • PowerCrystalsCore
  • Randomite
  • DynamicLights
  • Elemental Creepers 2
  • EnchantView Mod
  • ExpChest v3.1.40
  • Fairy
  • RivalRebels
  • Shaders Mod Core
  • SKC Core
  • Spider Man
  • SteamBoat-Mod-1.6.4
  • Tall Doors Mod
  • TF2 Teleporter
  • Thebombzen API
  • ToolBelts
  • Too Many Items
  • Too Many Mobs
  • TrollStuff
  • Update Checker Mod
  • Weather Wand


Reis Minimap 1.6.4 - Without this mini-map in the Minecraft game, it’s not fun to play, but when you know what area you are in, and the coordinates are shown, then you can safely send on a trip.

Download launcher for minecraft 1.6.4 with 78 mods

More Enchantments - You will now have more options when you need to cast spells on weapons, items or armor.

Food Plus Mod - Now you have even more choices before grabbing a bite to eat and packing in your backpack, before going to the mine or traveling the world

Download launcher for minecraft 1.6.4 with 78 mods


Redstone Lamps Plus - Quite great lamps that will work well for your home interior, and other mods that this assembly has:


EnchantView - You have gathered a lot of experience and do not know how to properly enchant armor or weapons? Then you cannot do without this mod, which shows all the enchanting abilities of all the things that you want to improve.


Antique Atlas - This mod is somewhat similar to a regular map that you carry in your hands, only now it will be a huge map, looking at which you can see a lot more area of ​​the covered territory.

Download launcher for minecraft 1.6.4 with 78 mods


Instructions or how to install the Minecraft 1.6.4 assembly:

Unpack the game archive into the .minecraft folder

  • for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista - C: / Users / User name / AppData / Roaming / .minecraft
  • для Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/User name/Application Data/.minecraft
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12 Minecrafters   [Material]
hmm ... this compact mod set impressed me

11 AndroidCraft   [Material]
What do you mean, which figures, your question is not clear?

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10 Интересно играть   [Material]
and to make different shapes, what should be added here?

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9 Реальный Майнкрафтер   [Material]
I liked the assembly, something doesn't suit someone, let them go in the forest, and minecraft is huge and you can get lost)

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8 What is it?   [Material]
What the hell is this, who did you do this assembly for?

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7 Джоблэк   [Material]
here probably universal mods

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6 Гаррикраферсон   [Material]
ok, still add cars here

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5 Крутой крипер   [Material]
when I optimized my pc and added more RAM, then everything clearly started working

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4 UserGoogle   [Material]
I have something that my computer slows down and my brains do not understand how to start correctly: devil:

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3 Юзеркрафт   [Material]
this is an unusual build)

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