Download Minecraft 1.5.2 with 37 mods

Where to download Minecraft 1.5.2 with mods?

In our assembly, the coolest Minecraft mods have been added that will delight young players with the high speed of sports cars, you can launch a rocket through a special block that can be crafted or selected in your inventory, stock up on additional explosive blocks and equip your fighter with epic weapons, as well as craft a little different mechanisms and build railroad and ride real fast trains in a cube game.


If you pay attention to the design of the cars, which are presented in a cool assembly, then you will notice that a sports car or a normal design car is made exactly as in the original car model, as for small bombs, that is, explosives with TNT blocks there is a very large selection of dynamite of different types application.


The uniqueness of the fashion for the railway, which is added by a special one, exceeds all the expectations of those who like to ride on ancient or, one might say, old trains.


Also in this assembly there is a very interesting mod about a military theme - This is a mod for missiles that can be launched through the built control panel for launching a homing projectile at cubic mobs or for test firing at given coordinates in a cubic world.


Mods required for the functioning of other mods:
  • GuiAPI
  • CodeChickenCore
  • OptifineHD
  • ForgeModLoader
  • Forge
  • BSPKRScore
  • MinecraftCoderPack
  • AtomicStrykerUpdateCheck
  • IDResolver 
  • Gravity Gun Mod - Many of you have played the game Half-Life in which there are many fantastic weapons, and the developers of this mod decided to add an innovation to the gameplay and make a gravity gun in the game, with which you can lift any blocks or mobs and throw them back into side. In order to raise it, press the right mouse button and to move the left button aside, if you throw some block at a hostile mob, it will do a little damage.
  • BuildCraft - This is a construction mod that adds various elements, blueprints for the construction of various mechanisms and resource extraction.
  • Industrial Craft 2 - Mod will add electricity to the game, tools for creating a mechanism, objects and new blocks that you can add to your house to change the interior.
  • Too Many Items - Thanks to this mod, you will have at hand all the items that are in the mods installed in this version of the game, and you can also change the weather and change the game mode or turn on the flight mode by pressing the "space" button twice.
  • TrainCraft mod- If you have not played with this mod, then you missed a lot, this cool mod adds different types of trains to the Minecraft game, such as the old ones that were just starting to be made in those days, trains for transporting goods or newer versions on which you can go around the entire map if you run the railroad.
  • Flan's Mod - Adds planes and tanks to the game https://craftmods.fun/mod-for-minecraft-1-5-2-airplanes-flans, and if you want to fly one of these planes or ride an armed tank, for this you need a special workbench, which you will find in the menu after pressing the "E" button, and in the same menu there are spare parts for creating military aircraft.
  • Spino's Vehicles - This mod adds 14 sports cars of different colors to the game, on which you can demonstrate your capabilities while driving a car in Minecraft. There is a small bug in this mod, due to which it sometimes happens that the car just stands still, so that the car goes, you need to sit in the car on the right side, that is, behind the wheel.
  • To get into the car, right-click. To get out of the car, you need to point the mouse cursor at any part in the car and also press the right mouse button or the shift button.
  • If you managed to start the car and ride it the first time, then just press the "E" button, and you will be standing next to the car, the menu button is the "R" key, after pressing this button a menu will open where you can equip the car with weapons, refuel fuel, but this is not necessary, in the game it is even without fuel to drive :)

How to make a car? To do this, press the "E" button and a menu will open on the right side where you will find all the brands of cars.

List of cars: Ford, BMW, Lamborghini Countach, Dodge Challenger SRT-8, Chevrolet, McLaren F1 GTR, Ford Crown, Koenigsegg Agera, Ford Shelby, BMW X5 Black


  • More Explosives - The mod adds 27 new types of explosives, with which you need to be extremely careful, since there will not be a trace of your built house if you experiment with these explosives at close range, which can smash everything and even a pebble will not remain :)


  • ICBM - This is a super-duper mod that will add long-range missiles to the game and when you want to attack different targets, you just need to specify the coordinates and the missiles will destroy everything in the range.


  • Balkon's WeaponMod - This is a very extensive mod, where there are many weapons such as muskets, new swords, crossbow, bazooka, mace, powerful hammer and other types of weapons that will delight fans of war.
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Download the game and unpack it to the .minecraft folder
  • for Windows 8, 7, Vista - C:/Users/Your name on the computer/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • for Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/Your name on the computer/Application Data/.minecraft
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Why are there so few positive ratings and why are there no comments? Today I decided to download and install it on my computer, everything functions clearly, so for me this is a normal assembly, and you yourself think to look at the pictures or download and add a new assembly to your game world.

P.S. Thanks to the author of this thread for the work done: smok:

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