Download Minecraft 1.5.2 with mods Mobs, Minimap
Download Minecraft 1.5.2 with mods / Mo'Creatures / New mobs

Build Minecraft version 1.5.2 with new friendly and hostile mobs, which number approximately from 52 to 84 real animals and fantastic characters in the game, such as a crocodile, snake, fish, turtles, werewolves of which you can meet at night, dolphin, scorpion, lion , snake, bears and other types of mobs. In addition, additional necessary mods have been added to this assembly.

To change the language to Russian, click on this button in the game menu .


List of mods:

  • Minecraft Coder Pack
  • DrZhark's Mo'Craetures Mod
  • Forge Mod Loader
  • Minecraft Forge

Too Many Items - Mod adds a special menu to the game where you can select items, turn on creative mode, change the weather and set the day or night

Enchanting Plus - The mod translates into understandable English all the characters in the enchantment book and you can easily enchant a pickaxe to a silk touch, a sword with special abilities and other items

ReiMinimap mod - Minicap

Description of the Mo'Creatures mod https://craftmods.fun/ blog / mod_dlja_majnkraft_1_5_2_mnogo_novykh_monstrov_i_zverej / 2013-06-10-248

Installation instructions:


  • Download the game and unpack it to the .minecraft folder

for Windows 8, 7, Vista - C: / Users / Your computer name / AppData / Roaming / .minecraft
for Windows XP - C: / Documents and Settings / Your computer name / Application Data / .minecraft


  • For an empty file Minecraft.exe

Instruction in pictures:

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