Download Minecraft 1.6.2 launcher assembly with mods
Minecraft mod helicopter / Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods
Minecraft client with mods - This is another build of the launcher for Minecraft 1.6.2 with the most popular mods will delight fans of flying on combat helicopters, ride on real super-high-speed trains, you can feel the powerful speed when riding sports motorcycles or transfer to an enchanted plane and become a wizard who doesn't care about everything. In this assembly with mods there are various types of explosives with which you need to be extremely careful and use in small quantities, since you can destroy a quarter of the map if you overdo it.
Also in this assembly you will find mods with which it will be more fun to play with friends, for example, paintball or put on special clothes and become a super hero.



To demonstrate the possibility of some of the mods added to this Minecraft build, a game save was made, screenshots of this save you will see on this page. If you need to craft any of the items, you do not need to know crafting recipes, for this, press the "E" button on the keyboard and select the item you need, this is due to the fact that this launcher has an installed Too Many Items mod that allows you to choose any thing from already installed mods. The presence of installed mods can be viewed in the main menu by clicking on the mods button.

Necessary and useful mods for Minecraft:
  • Minecraft Coder Pack
  • Forge Mod Loader
  • Optifine HD
  • Minecraft Forge
  • TooManyItems
  • ReiMinimap
A list of some of the mods that are in this assembly:
  • Extra Doors - Additional doors - Stone, obsidian, gold, glass, sandstone, hellstone, quartz, cobblestone and other types of materials from which new doors are added added in this mod. Some doors can be opened by pressing the right mouse button, while for others you need to make a button or lever.
  • KK`s Simple Arrows - Arrowheads in this mod are different and the stronger the material, the better it will deal damage to hostile mobs. wood, light, stone, gold and diamond.
  • Lava Monsters - Mobs living in another dimension (Lava mobs do not like water) and when they get into it they simply die.
  • SteamShip mod - Now with these mods you can cover long distances in a balloon, there are ready-made crafting recipes, for this press the "E" button on the keyboard and select a ready-made balloon. Control buttons fly up "NUMPAD8" down "NUMPAD 2", inventory button "R" and fire button "NUMPAD 5".
  • MinersParidice - Two new dimensions, but for some reason the portal is not being built, try maybe you can create a portal and teleport to two new worlds.
  • Paintball - This mod adds clothes and different types of weapons to the game for playing paintball, there are pistols, machine guns that shoot paint, as well as a sniper rifle with an approach like 3D shooters, ordinary games that many people like to play and shoot at each other.
  • Build Craft Mod - The construction mod adds items for creating complex structures, for this you need to know at least the initial capabilities of this mod, since it has a lot of functions and mechanisms.
  • More Swords Mod - 14 different types of fantastic swords have been added here, for those who like to hunt for mobs and not lose a single heart of health.
  • Super Geroes Mod - Mod adds 4 fantastic super heroes, wearing special clothes, you will become invulnerable and you can fly, shoot, wield superpowerful weapons and much more using this mod. Buttons for activating the capabilities of super heroes: Iron Man's (Iron Man) buttons ” X ”, “ R ”, “ C ”, “ V ”, “ B ”, “ Space ” and “ Shift ”. The Thor's " V " buttons and right and left mouse buttons. For Hulk " Q " and " Space ", as well as the last super hero from the movie Captain America (Captain America) right mouse button, right button + "”.
  • Creeper Species - In this mod, there are four types of creepers dressed in skin pigs, mystical and star creepers with different emblems, and after killing one of them, random things drop out, there are also flying creepers that can suddenly fly up and explode.
  • Animated Player Mod - The animation of the player makes the game even more realistic, the player's engine is completely changed, the arms, legs, elbows, joints, behavior and emotions of the player will change every time, whether you are fighting mobs, swimming in a river, chatting with players or catching fish on the river, not to mention the extraction of resources in the mine holding a pickaxe in your hand, the joints of the arms and legs will change when walking or when you do something.

You can see the full list of mods by going to the Minecraft game menu and clicking the " Mods " button .


Helicopter - In this mod, 3 combat attack helicopters have been added, at the helm of these helicopters you will see the radar before your eyes, if there are red dots on the radar, it means that hostile mobs are displayed and you can destroy them with the already installed weapons on board, your location by coordinates, there is also a compass and a mini map remains on the screen when you are sitting in the cockpit of one of the helicopters.

Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods

Utility Chest - The mod updates the game with 6 new types of chests, they practically do not differ from the standard chest that is already in the game and they have the same capacity, but they only differ in a slight change in textures, only one chest is not like everyone else, this is "network chest "by putting any things or objects (armor, weapons, blocks, etc.) in it and specifying the password and IP of the network address on the computer where this mod is already installed in the Minecraft game, another person who maintains the network address and password will be able to open a chest with valuable things in the middle.

Mod for Minecraft chests / Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods

Download mod for swords / Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods

Mod - Paintball / Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods

Parachute - Parachute mod, picking up a parachute and pressing the right mouse button, you can jump from any height.

Mod - Parachute / Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods



Traincraft - Now in Minecraft you can travel not only by airplanes, helicopters or drive cars, but also ride trains. About 10 types of trains have been added here, passenger, freight high-speed trains, which were old in ancient times and carriages to trains, to each train you need to attach a carriage that supports the train.

Mod - Trains / Download Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods

Mod - Creepers / Minecraft launcher 1.6.2 with mods

Doors - Mod / Download Minecraft 1.6.2 assembly with mods



Dirtbike - Sports bikes that can be driven at high speed differ only in color, this does not affect the speed, so you can safely take any motorcycle and travel around the map.

Download assembly of Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods / Motorcycles



DrZhark`s Magic Carpet mod - Carpets for the interior and magic (brown, red, blue green) put on the ground as usual with the right, then left-click, the carpet will open and sparkle with magic shades, then right-click and you will sit down on the carpet, now you can control the carpet with the usual control buttons that you use I play Minecraft, you can even fly on the water on the carpet, one minus that you can not fly high, but only hover a little above the ground, but there are also advantages if you fly towards the mountain , then the carpet by itself will climb the blocks up, to get off the carpet press "Shift ".

Carpet plane / Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

Download assembly of Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods

Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods

Too Much TNT - Mod for Minecraft adds 36 types of explosives and 17 types of dynamite with a wick, after pressing the right mouse button, dynamite can be thrown in any direction. Types of explosives: nuclear, destroying everything around at a distance of many blocks, explosive fireworks - a bomb flies up and explodes at the height of the clouds, after which a lot of ordinary TNTs fly in different directions around a radius of two hundred blocks, everything around will be destroyed, a bomb with a timer so that you can move to safe distance, fiery explosives hitting targets and covering the territory with a flurry of fire, TNT with a power in comparison with 20 to 500 ordinary explosives, meteor TNT, Floating TNT - after the explosion a small flying island is created above the ground, Animal TNT - Various mobs and other interesting ones are created by exploding types of explosives.

Even more explosives / TNT / Minecraft client and launcher 1.6.2 with 31 mods

This is a universal assembly of the Minecraft client with mods and, if you wish, you can download any other mod and install it in this version, the main thing is that the mod supports Minecraft Forge " Version: realease 1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.840 ". To do this, copy the mod to the .minecraft / mods folder . If for some reason the game does not start after installing additional mods, delete this mod and restart the game. It is recommended to install one mod at a time, as some mods may conflict with other installed mods.

How to install Minecraft with mods?

  • Download the game and unpack it to the .minecraft folder

for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista - C:/Users/Your name on the computer/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
for Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/Your name on computer/Application Data/.minecraft


  • When you start the game for the first time, you need to specify the directory where you have installed the Minecraft game, you need this in order for all the mods that you see on this page to work, if for some reason you accidentally clicked cancel and closed without specifying the folder with the game, you need to completely close the window of the running launcher, open the " .minecraft " folder and delete the " KeiNett_Launch.properties " file , and then turn on the launcher again and register the correct directory with the game.

If you specify the wrong version, then your game will start without mods.


Working version Minecraft 1.6.2 / Minecraft pirate launcher Keinett





  • In the upper right corner of the launcher, you should have an inscription "Version: realease 1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.840" as you can see in the screenshot, if there is no such inscription, you need to click the " Edit Profile " button , select the desired version with mods "realease 1.6.2-Forge9" and click "Save Profile".

     It will not be difficult to change the nickname " login " in the game, just click on the "Log Out" button , then write your name in the Latin keyboard layout that will be shown in the game and click "Play Offline".

     Now you can connect to any Minecraft server and create incredible buildings, or start a single player game and evaluate the installed mods.


How to install Mancraft with mods ?


Leave your feedback in the comments, whether you like this assembly or not, if any mods are missing we will add in the next assembly.


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