Download Minecraft 1.6.4 with Galactic Assembly mods
Minecraft galacticraft rocket creation

We present a fantastic assembly of Minecraft 1.6.4 with the Galacticratf  mods , where you can craft a rocket from special items that are added in this mod and fly to the Moon or Mars , on these planets you can build an orbital station or a new house, only on these planets absolutely the climate is different and you will have to put on a spacesuit and get more oxygen to survive, the mobs there will also be in oxygen masks. This mod adds various blocks, new items for resource extraction and additional mods for the game.

To change the language to Russian, click on this button in the game menu .

A list of the main mods that are in this build of Minecraft 1.6.4 :

  • Minecraft Coder Pack
  • Forge Mod Loader
  • Minecraft Forge
  • Thebombzen API
  • Micdoodle8 Core - Galacticraft add-on
  • Too Many Items - With this mod you can select almost any item that is in the game, as well as change the game modes.
  • Crossbow Mod 2 - Mod updates the game with new crossbows, arrows and weapons.
  • Enchanting Plus - Now when you enchant a pickaxe, sword, bow, ax and other items in the enchantment book when you hover the mouse over the enchanted item, everything will be written in understandable language and you can choose the best option for enchanting the item.
  • Galacticraft - This mod adds two planets, the Moon and Mars, to the game, you can fly to these planets after creating a rocket.
  • ReiMinimap mod - A minicap showing the terrain and coordinates, in the map menu you can set different settings.


Free download mod for a rocket

Download minecraft 1.6.4 with mods

Planet Mars / Rocket Creation

Free download minecraft with mods

How to make a rocket and take off? Galacticraft

Flight to the moon in Minecraft 1.6.4

Free download Minecraft 1.6.4 assembly with Galacticraft mod

Where to download Minecraft 1.6.4 with the mod?
Minecraft is not just a game, but a blank canvas for creators and adventurers.

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Enchanting items or how to properly enchant a pickaxe

How to correctly make rockets and additional things for a flight to another planet.

Required outfits for the Moon and Mars: You

can only wear these items in survival mode and then switch back to creative mode.

  • Oxygen Mask
  • Parachute
  • Oxygen Gear
  • Heavy Oxygen Tank

In order for the rocket to take off, it must first be installed on a special platform and refueled.

To get into the rocket, press the right mouse button, get out shift, see how much fuel is in the rocket, press the "F" button to take off, press the " Space " button and wait for the rocket to launch.

To create a rocket we need a galactic workbench " Rocket Crafting Table ":

Galacticraft rocket creation

Items for creating a rocket for flying to the moon - Tire 1 Rocket:

  • Nose Cone
  • Tire 1 - Heavy-Duty Plating - Platinum Plating
  • Rocket Fins
  • Tire 1 - Rocket Engine

To make a level 2 rocket, you need to select the NASA Workbench Schematic and click on the " Unlock " button .

How to make a rocket for a flight to Mars / Tire 2 Rocket

Items for creating a universal rocket for flying to the Moon and Mars - Tire 2 Rocket:

  • Nose Cone
  • Tire 2 - Heavy-Duty Plating - Platinum plate
  • Rocket Fins
  • Tire 1 - Rocket Engine
  • Tire 1 Booster

In order for the rocket to take off, it needs to be refueled and for this we Items needed:

  • Wires connecting generator and fuel loader - Heavy Alumium Wire
  • Coal Generator - Coal Generator
  • Rocket Pad - Rocket Launch Pad
  • Fuel Loader - Fuel Loader
  • Battery - Infinite Battery
  • Fuel Canister - Filled Fuel Canister


In this version of the game there is a save in which two missiles have already been made and you only need to press "Load Fuel" in the fuel loader after that the fuel will start refueling.

How to install a Minecraft game with mods?


  • Download the game and unpack it to the .minecraft folder

for Windows 8, 7, Vista - C:/Users/Your name on the computer/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
for Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/Your name on computer/Application Data/.minecraft


  • Run the file Minecraft Launcher.exe
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