Download Minecraft 1.7.10 with weapons mods - Military assembly

Mods for machine guns, pistols, tanks, planes and helicopters for Minecraft 1.7.10

For cubic expanses, young Minecraft assembled a magnificent assembly with mods, in which you can not only wander through caves to extract precious ores, destroy hostile mobs that are hidden in the dark labyrinths of dungeons, create durable weapons with magic spells that will inflict powerful damage or make strong armor for protection, so that the armor is made of diamonds or emeralds.



The equipment that you see in the pictures is only a small part of the transport or weapons that can be crafted or added to inventory

Free download Minecraft 1.7.10 build with mods

Minecraft - This is an incredible game that allows you to build almost anything from a cubic landscape. It has grown by leaps and bounds since its first launch, but for some this is simply not enough. You can plunge into the wonderful world with various modifications that contain additions to weapons, items, vehicles, etc.



 We made all the emphasis in this assembly of the Minecraft launcher on different equipment and you will have at your disposal civilian vehicles, military vehicles, which in the future will be an excellent mobile means for introducing tactical actions in PVP mode with other players.

Minecraft 1.7.10 build with mods



There will be plenty of different models of tanks in the cubic world to bomb the enemy base and capture the central territory on the battlefield, to regroup their troops, for further strategic moves, and then you can sit at the helm of a fighter that is equipped with cubic missiles and deliver a crushing blow hostile team.

Download Minecraft build 1.7.10 with weapons mods



The most global mod of all time has been added to the game - This is the " Flans " mod , in which there are airplanes, military tanks firing cubic shells, fantastic fighters, cars and of course a solid arsenal of weapons for PVP tournaments on servers.

Download Minecraft build 1.7.10 with weapons mods and cars



The picture shows vehicles in the form of old military-style vehicles that are great for cubic battles.

Mod on cars and weapons for Minecraft 1.7.10

Take the cube, place it in the texture, check the properties, and the game is ready. Minecraft aesthetics is born when the user perceives the beauty of these crowded figures on a level, and starting his game as an artist takes a new canvas, while managing to create his own works. If you take for example other graphics engines that are infinitely more powerful and beautiful to see them at a glance, but they do not allow you to take the game world and manipulate it to such an extent that it becomes completely different.



This is an elite fantastic assault fighter, which will be a great option for bombing with cubic shells at hostile mobs in Minecraft .

Mod aircraft for Minecraft 1.7.10



A military aircraft that has long gone out of production, but in the cubic world it is an excellent aircraft that can be used as a reconnaissance area in the Minecraft game world.

Download military assembly Minecraft 1.7.10 with mods

Minecraft's graphic beauty must not be sought as separate textures or details of enemies, but in the fact that it can be interpreted as a huge virtual marble block inside which everyone can see a figure. In this context, additional textures added by users that improve the atmosphere and visualization of the graphics, but do not improve the aesthetics that remain tied to the basic concept of the game. 



For tactical attacks, there is an armored tank that is recommended to be used at night, but you yourself know that cubic monsters also do not sleep at night.


Attack helicopters for cubic battles will most likely be a wonderful choice if you have your own game server in which two teams will fight.

Download Minecraft 1.7.10 build with mods



Modifications in this assembly seek to radically expand the variety of weapons in the Minecraft world in a friendly way, and the goal of each add-on is to fit into the knowledge, balance and feel of the game for the most exciting experience.

Download Minecraft 1.7.10 build with mods and shaders



For flying in a combat helicopter, it is recommended to make a couple of training flights, and then you can already bomb the spawn of all enemy monsters!

Download Minecraft 1.7.10 build with mods



If you wish, you can of course print a lot of text, and tell you how cool military tanks, historic aircraft, vehicles for quickly transporting supplies, and also a fantastic fighter look, but as they say it’s better to set up this creation yourself and like it after successfully testing a cool build with mods and add-ons for the graphical interface.

Download Minecraft 1.7.10 build with NEI mod


Automatic machines, machine guns, grenade launchers, pistols:

  • Flamethrower
  • Cyanide gun
  • Hydrogen flamethrower
  • Liquid nitrogen gun
  • Wa-2000
  • UMP-45
  • 3D guns:
  • SG 550
  • QBZ 95
  • M16 4 round burst
  • Crappy Rifle
  • Vehicle Gun
  • P-99
  • Golden gun
  • Improved crappy rifle



  • Various tank shells
  • 46cm triple mount naval gun
  • 800mm heavy Gustav railway gun
  • Generic Cannon
  • Useful stuff:
  • Telescope
  • Range Finder
  • Various grenades
  • Oddjob hat
  • Fancy parachute
  • Fancy medkit



  • Sturmgeschutz 3
  • KV-2
  • Porsche Tiger
  • Type 10
  • Armored Banana Mech
  • ADF-01 Falken
  • TRAIN 2
  • Kyushu J7W Shinden
  • Ferdinand Heavy Tank Destroyer


Armor and military equipment:

  • Future soviet cosplay
  • Modern German army
  • Maybe some more shit
  • British tankist
  • Us ww2 infantry
  • Alien technology
  • Imperial officer/general


Flan's packs for mod:

  • Monolith Pack
  • Dr_prof_Luigi's Pack
  • FC Pack
  • Flans Modern Weapons
  • Flans Titan Pack
  • Milox117s
  • Modern Warfare Content Pack
  • Prototype Sci Fi
  • Simple Parts
  • Titan
  • WW2



Additional mods:

  • NEI - Adds a special menu where you can change the game mode, weather, save inventory and also select any of the available items in the game.


  • Flan's mod - This is a global addon that adds various equipment, weapons, cars, tanks, planes and helicopters


  • Minimap - This is the desired mod! Which is at the top of the game screen and which will show the location of the cubic character, mobs, and other buildings in the cubic universe.


  • Shaders Mod Core - A mod with shaders adds realistic graphics to the game, now it will show shadows from planes, cars or structures that are built in the game, glare of the sun will appear, in other words, the game will become much more realistic than in the classic version of the game.


  • Parachute - Mod adds a parachute to the game


  • Optifine 1.7.10 HD - Improves the quality of textures and graphics in the game.


  • Clearning Block - The mod adds additional blocks to the game, and by setting which at a certain point on the earth, it calculates the entire territory within 25-50 blocks.



How to install a military assembly Minecraft 1.7.10:


  • Unzip the archive with the game in the .minecraft folder 
  •  for Windows 8, 7, Vista -  Users / Your computer name / AppData / Roaming / .minecraft
  • for Windows XP - C: / Documents and Settings / Your computer name / Application Data / .minecraft
  • Launch Minecraft Launcher File


How to install Minecraft with mods?


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


Free Download Minecraft Mods, Maps, Textures

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I've always loved military games, but this build has exceeded all my expectations, thanks for the best mods you added

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nothing special, so four

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I do not know what to say

everything is done perfectly

cars, planes, but the most important thing is that you also managed to add a lot of weapons.

thanks for the quality build with mods cool

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2 ModWeapons3   [Material]
wonderful! assembly with mods for weapons - the classic version of esports between players: respect:

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1 WarGuard   [Material]
but this is already interesting: huh: I recently installed the game and did not even think that it was possible to add mods for military tanks and weapons.

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