Download weapon mod mod from Weapons mods

Download weapons mod for Minecraft

You can choose a mode that will help you survive on this unknown land, build your own house, farm, mine, or create a military base with a powerful weapon arsenal. 




The mod adds a variety of weapons from ordinary pistols, machine guns to a grenade launcher, armor from different countries, cars , airplanes , ground guns , helicopters, and of course in this assembly will be the perfect collection of tanks .

Download weapons mod for Minecraft



There is also a creative mode where you can fly and have an unlimited amount of ammo and shells. This allows you to create combat battles that would be very difficult to do in survival mode. 

Download weapons mod for Minecraft



The game has never had so much freedom that makes it so unique. There are so many things to do, and the game is constantly updated to add new things.

Download weapons mod for Minecraft



It should be noted that this game is still under development, that even now, after the release of the next version of the mod, and improvements are added very often, as new ideas are constantly being introduced into it.

Download weapons mod for Minecraft



The community is the main strength of the game Minecraft, which  shares content from the game world to texture packs and mods. You can customize the game the way you want it to look, by installing or using your own texture pack , which is very easy to do. Weapon mods add extra features to the game that vary in scale and style.

Download weapons mod for Minecraft



This is the best platform for the game. There is a lot more content here. The game is constantly expanding and changing, so any flaws in the future will be corrected. Fans play a huge role in the development of the game, so the manufacturers of modifications listen, and take into account any criticism.



The game does not develop traditional graphics in the real world, as fans like the square block and the mosaic approach, because it adds a bit of retro charm and makes it easy to stretch the real laws of physics in the cubic sandbox.



Placing blocks in impossible places is all part of the fun. 



How to install mod for Minecraft 1.7.10:

  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the archive with the mod.
  • Open the downloaded archive and find the file Flans Mod-1.7.10-4.7.0.jar , which you need to copy to the folder. Minecraft / mods
  • In the same archive you will find the folder " Flan ", which you need to transfer to the directory where you have the game installed, by default .minecraft /


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