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    This Minecraft assembly contains the best and most popular mods. The total number of mods in this collection is 110 pieces, and we can say by all thousand percent that even the most experienced player who has already been playing Minecraft for more than three years will say that this collection of mods can safely put 100 points, and how loud it can be said, but even those players who have recently started playing this online building game will appreciate this superb masterpiece.



     In this launcher, mods are selected and installed that are popular among thousands of players, and this assembly can be called global, since it contains industrial , construction , magic and other mods for an entertaining and stable game.


     The developer of this assembly can be said to have laid out one hundred percent, since all the mods that are installed in this launcher work fine, the font on the map and in the main menu is displayed clearly, the mods are installed for optimal or minimal graphics settings in the game, and this already depends on performance your computer, and an additional mod for shaders has been installed, which improve graphics and make the game more realistic, and if you add high-resolution texture packs to this, your graphics in the game will change dramatically, you just need to choose a shader that will be optimal and colorfully display all the realistic graphics in the game.



To enable or disable a shader pack, go to the game menu, click " Settings ", then the " Shaders " button , and then you will see a list of shaders. If you want to turn off the shader click " none " and the " Finish " button . By default, this version contains the " SEUS v10 RC7 Ultra.zip " shader .


     Well, now you can slowly start reviewing the mods that the developer of this global assembly of the Minecraft launcher prepared for us.

Here is a small list of mods from the Minecraft 1.5.2 build:

  • ReiMinimap 3.3.06 - Mini map, which will be in the upper right corner of the screen and show the terrain and coordinates.


  • Status EffectHUD 1.10 - This mod shows the effects on you of various effects, be it a poisonous spider bite or the actions of a drunk potion, and so on.


  • ExtrabiomesXL - Mod adds more than 10 new types of biomes, in some of which trees can even reach the clouds.


  • InventoryTweaks 1.54b - If you need to quickly put things in order in your chest or inventory, to do this, press the "R" button, and all the same blocks will be placed in stacks, and the rest will be neatly folded.


  • BackTools - This mod can be said to add nothing especially to the game, except for the visual appearance of objects, for example, if you are now holding a sword, pickaxe or bow in your hand and after that pick up a shovel with the previous item that you had behind your back.


  • SmartMoving - Gives the player realism when moving, jumping from high or swimming on a river.


  • Coral Reef - At sea or on a river, the bottom will now be covered with various marine plants.


  • Twilightforest - Mod adds a new dimension to the game " Twilight Forest ", in which you will contemplate new mobs, labyrinths, mysterious caves, and trees that you have not seen in the ordinary world.



In order to make a portal to this dimension, you need to dig a 2x2 hole, then fill it with water, then plant flowers around it and throw one diamond there.

Build with mod for pozda for Minecraft 1.5.2

New blocks, fences in the game Minecraft
PaintersFlowerPot 1.5 - Now there will be even more flowers in the game, and you can decorate the lawn near your new built house.
Thaumcraft 3.0.5 - This mod is made for real wizards, and here you will have magic amulets, magic armor, epic staves for spells, teleportation items and many other things for an exciting game.
ComputerCraft - This is a unique mod and supports multiplayer mode. In a certain computer, depending on which one you want to install, there will be a different operating system, and if you are a beginner and don’t understand the commands that will need to be entered into the command line, then at first it will be difficult for you to deal with this mod.
BiblioCraft 1.2.1 - This extensive mod adds chairs, tables, an armor hanger, various decorative items for the interior of your home and other things to the game that will be useful to an avid builder. Jammy Furniture Mod V4.4 - Another mod is needed to create a more realistic interior, which will include a washing machine, refrigerator, gas stove, coffee table, TV and many other items that will be useful for home improvement.
PortalGun 1.5.2 - This mod adds a fantastic weapon, and if you click in the same place twice, a portal will open and so you can move from one point to another, and also using this pistol you can move different blocks and even mobs and throw them aside ...
Railcraft and Traincraft - With these mods you can build a real railroad and train station, as this mod adds rails, carriages and of course trains. Industrialcraft 2 1.115.341 - Take my word for it, this mod will add so many mechanisms to the game that you will have to rack your brains a bit to figure out all the intricacies of this cool mod.
Emerald Tools v1.1 - With this mod you will have new recipes for crafting a pickaxe, sword, bow and other items from emerald. Morebows - Do you like to hunt mobs? If so, then keep a couple of new types of bow, with which it will be much more interesting to track down and hunt hostile mobs.  



  • Extra Doors v1.3 - Adds to the game many types of doors, which can be crafted from different blocks of wood or ores.


  • Doubledoor forge v4.6 - If you made a house and want to put two doors that will open at the same time, then this mod will help you.


  • Zombie Awareness v1.8.5 - With this mod more extreme will be added, when you start fighting one of the zombies, all other nearby mobs will start attacking you.


  • Sophwolves 2.1.3 - More types of animals will appear in the game, or rather wolves.


  • Buildcraft 3.7.2 - This building mod will add a ton of features and functionality.


  • ChestTransporter 1.1.6 Universal - If you suddenly want to move a chest from one house to another, you do not need to shift all things and carry all the items in parts, but you can simply take a special item that will transfer the chest from one place to another.


  • Ironchest - New types of chests will appear in your inventory, made from different materials.


  • GraveStone 2.3.1 - When you kill mobs, after they die, you will see gravestones or statues.


  • EnchantingPlus 1.14.6 - Now enchanting items has become even much easier, since going to the enchanting table and putting a sword or armor on it, you will be shown the effect of enchanting things.


  • Smallboats - For travel or river fishing, these two new boats come in handy.


Build with 110 mods / Minecraft 1.5.2

Free download Minecraft 1.5.2 and 110 mods



In Minecraft, you can enjoy the pristine simplicity of a cubic dimension. You play as a casual adventurer in a blocky world armed only with wit and unstoppable drive for discovery. By gathering resources such as wood, stone, or wool, you can create items to collect more resources that can be used to build more complex or resilient items, as well as complete housing. Wood can be obtained from trees, stone can be mined in the mine, but to find the best resources, you need to dig deep under the globe or even destroy rather dangerous monsters that exist in the dark and wander through underground labyrinths. 

Minecraft 1.5.2 with 110 / Download free global assembly

If you have a weak computer, then we recommend that you be patient and do not press anything while starting the game, since downloading the Minecraft game can take a long time, and the download speed of the game will depend on what kind of computer you have.


How to install a Minecraft assembly with mods?

Unpack the archive with the game to the .minecraft folder

  • for Windows 8, 7, Vista - C:/Users/Your name on the computer/ AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • for Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/Your name on the computer/Application Data/.minecraft


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