Free download Minecraft 1.16.3 Nether Update

Free download Minecraft 1.16.3 Nether Update

Minecraft 1.16 was announced a long time ago back at Minecon Live. The update is dedicated to the nether world and is called the Nether update.


     In this news, you can see what's new in minecraft 1.16, the underworld has undergone major changes, which has become much richer and more interesting - there are new biomes, mobs, weapons, blocks, structures and much more on the little things.


By the interestingness of the study, the lower world will be able to compete with the ordinary world. And of course, we are waiting for the optimization of the game and the elimination of old bugs. As promised, in this version of the game, 4 new biomes for hell have been added Distorted Forest, Crimson Forest, Valley of the Sand of Souls and Basalt Deltas.


    New mobs have appeared in hell, new structures with dungeons, new materials from which you can create new armor and tools, in general, hell has become a very atmospheric and interesting place. The game has a very useful / locatebiome command that allows you to find out the coordinates of the nearest and desired biome.


  • Basalt deltas

Biome consisting of basalt pillars and a block of black stone
It is home to magma slugs, gray fog and ash-like particles in the biome.
New biome basalt deltas

  • Valley of Soul Sand

The huge grotto cave, which consists of sand and soil of souls, has a blue mist. The biome contains many structures, such as basalt stalagnates and fossils, a hellish fortress, a bunch of lightstone.
The biome is inhabited by skeletons, ghasts and wanderers of the edge (endermen).

  • New Soul Sand Valley Biome

The biome is originally named soul_sand_valley.

  • Crimson forest

A dense forest of red trees (mushrooms). The surface is composed of crimson nil and hellish stone on which distorted roots grow. Weeping vines and mushroom lights grow on the trees.
The biome has a bright red fog, here you can meet a new mob - hoglin.


  • New Crimson Forest biome

The biome has the original name crimson_forest.
Mushrooms of different sizes grow in the biome, although outwardly they are very similar to trees, including in blocks, this similarity will probably be removed in the future.
The crimson forest is red and seems to be on fire - small sparks fly from it to the top, it looks very beautiful and atmospheric.

In this biome, only 2 mobs spawn. This is a zombie pig, and of course a new mob "hog". Hog, is a hellish counterpart, a pig from the ordinary world. As in the previous biome, here we can find several new plants:

  • Crimson roots - Crimson roots
  • Weeping vine - Weeping vine
  • Сrimson stem - Crimson stem
  • Distorted forest

     A biome that consists of warped colored mushrooms (trees), a surface of hellstone and warped nylium.

  • Hellish sprouts, distorted roots grow here, wanderers of the region (ekndermen) are found here. The biome contains a dark blue fog.
  • New Biome Twisted Forest

The biome is originally named warped_forest.
In this biome, there are quite a lot of endermen running around. Apart from them, no one spawns in this biome. Here we can find several new plants, namely:

  • Warped Roots - Warped Roots
  • Nether Sprouts - Infernal Sprouts
  • Distorted mushroom - Distorted mushroom



  • A new mob that spawns in the crimson forest. Looks like a big pig with tusks.
  • Drops rotten flesh.
  • At the moment, it does not attack the player, but in the future it will.


New Hoglin mod

  • Usually 4 individuals spawn in the crimson forest biome.
  • Has 40 units of health (20 hearts).
  • Propagated by mushrooms.


  • A hostile mob, Hoglin turns into him, who will find himself in the ordinary world and spend more than 15 seconds there.
  • Most of the mobs they see attack.
  • Do not attack creepers and other Zoglins


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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