Free download Minecraft Forge

Free download Minecraft Forge

When you have a cool mod, but why can't you install it into the Minecraft game, then you have not installed this Minecraft Forget add-on, which allows you to add compatible mods with your version of the Minecraft game.


Installing this mod will not take you more than one minute, and to do this, open the downloaded archive, unpack it wherever you like and run a regular executable file, and most importantly, you need to specify the exact location of the folder in which you have installed the popular online game Minecraft.

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explain what it is by clicking on the file forge-1.7.10-, and there the inscriptions are all in English, nothing is clear, and when I press the OK button to install minecraft forge, I am told There is no minecraft launcher profile at this location, you need to run the launcher first!
Answer: If the Minecraft Forge installer gives you this message, then you have a different version of Minecraft installed

To install Minecraft Forge correctly, you must have version 1.7.10 of the game installed on your computer, since this installer is intended only for this version.

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