Free Download Modpack Vanilla Classic - Minecraft 1.12.2

If you do not like industrial, magical or any other large modifications, but want to keep the vanilla of Minecraft, then this adventure genre assembly is for you! It also works well for slower PCs.


After installing this assembly, you will not find a single new thing, block or mob! Instead of adding new things, there is an expansion and the addition of new mechanics to the existing structure of the game.

Mod List:

  • Just Enough Items - Shows all crafting in the game
  • No Recipe Book - Removes the craft book
  • Paintings - Allows you to quickly select paintings from those available in the game
  • Preview Optifine - Improves performance
  • Tree Chopper - Trees are chopped by breaking just one block, The larger the tree, the longer you will chop its block
  • Dynamic Surroundings Huds - Informs you about the time you are holding the watch, or the coordinates if you hold the compass, etc.
  • Hardcore Darkness - Now the night will be really dark
  • Huds - Shows the strength of armor and tools
  • Additional Structures - New structures in the world
  • Apple Skin - Shows the satiety level of any food
  • Classic Bar - Changes the textures of indicators of health, hunger, etc.
  • Dynamic Surroundings - New dynamic surroundings, i.e. sound, footsteps, northern lights, etc.
  • Hunger Overhaul - Complicates hunger mechanics, plants grow longer
  • Hwyla - Shows the names of any blocks
  • Inventory Tweaks - Allows you to quickly sort your inventory
  • Item Physic Full - Now any blocks or things will fall beautifully, and not only
  • TrueType Font Replacement - New comfortable font
  • Wall Jump - You can now jump over some obstacles like a fence
  • Journey Map - Convenient mini map with tags. Allows you to teleport to the mark if cheats are enabled
  • Foam Fix - Decreases RAM consumption
  • Swing Through Grass - Grass will no longer interfere with you during combat
  • Web Shooter - spiders now shoot cobwebs at you during battle
  • Farseek core - Library
  • Streams - Adds new rivers with water flows that form from tributaries
  • Winter Wonderland - Snow cover will accumulate up to one block


How to install assembly:

  • Install Minecraft Forge version 1.12.2
  • Copy all folders from the archive to folder .minecraft
  • In the launcher, run the version of the game with Minecraft Forge 1.12.2


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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