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Minecraft 1.5.2 / Build with mods

If you have a computer that does not succeed for new games and it happens that the Minecraft game runs slowly, then this assembly with mods will be a wonderful choice for you, because all the add-ons of are fully functional and work without lags, even on computers where the old one is graphics card and outdated processor.



On the Internet you can see a lot of assemblies with mods, but as you noticed more than half of the so-called collectible mods do not work and a black screen appears - This can be if people who offer to install the game do not check the game’s performance, that is, add various mods and copy to the game folder Minecraft , and of course after that they do not start.



In your inventory there will be new items for the interior of the house, blocks with which you can build a unique creation or an epic fortress. In addition to various additional items added in this assembly, local residents will be improved who will have weapons and in appearance they will not be any different from the real characters that you have ever met on different servers of the Minecraft game.


Added mechanisms for ore mining, heavy duty weapons, there are new craft items and other additions about which you can read on this page.


In a unique assembly with 52 mods, we added adventure textures in the RPG style , and if you want to enable this text pack, you need to go to the game menu and select the pack resource.


Additional mods:


  • Adds add-ons to the game so that you can install other mods.

  • With the addition of the mod, three-dimensional graphics in the game improve, and the mod is also necessary if you decide to install realistic shaders.

ForgeModLoader and Minecraft Forge
  • A multifunctional mod with the help of which you can install and add mods to sports cars, fantastic weapons or other add-ons to the game that diversify the game mode of the game.


  • Here is a short list of popular mods that are popular:
  • AnimatedPlayer - A fascinating mod adds a variety of emotions to the game character, that is, if you fight with someone, your eyebrows will be greatly frowned or when walking, running or swimming in the river, more realism will be added. And if you make the settings for this mod correctly, your game character will be so realistic that at first it will seem that you are playing a completely different game.

Minecraft build with mods / Player animation

  • Bibliocraft - An interesting mod in which bookshelves, desks, coasters for various enchanted potions are added, a hanger for armor so that every time you do not open the chest, but just go to the desired hanger and put on the armor that is on it, whether it is diamond or iron, and also, if desired, you can make a special stand for your military arsenal, unless of course you have an additional mod for version 1.5.2 for weapons and attached mods installed in your game.

Minecraft Build with mods / Biblio Craft

  • Biosphere - When creating and generating a new world, this mod makes a random place on the sphere map. In such areas, you can not only make a farm and start growing your crop, but you can also build a unique house in which you can make a realistic interior or remodel the automatically created sphere and make a fortress from annoying mobs that get confused all the time on your way.

  • Buildcraft - The building mod makes various tools for creating transport pipes, gears, logic mechanisms, and you can create different drawings, projects, architectural tables and much more that you still have to study in this not so simple mode, where you will have a lot of the number of things or you can say tools such as (wrenches, pipes made of diamonds or obsidian, gears for use in mechanisms, a drilling rig to simplify digging tunnels or mines, an architectural table , an assembly table, a laser, an improved workbench, an oil refinery, and you will also have a "Project Library" - this is something like a notebook for your research
Download free popular assembly with mods 1.5.2

  • CalendarGui - A useful mod that adds a calendar to the game where you can enter notes.
  • Chest Transporter - The mod facilitates the transfer of chests, that is, if you have more than ten chests in which there are hundreds of stacks of different items, items, ores and so as not to transfer all items from one chest to another, you can use a new item with which transport a chest with all things to the indicated place.

  • Damage Indicator - The mod adds a health indicator that will show how much life different mobs have.

  • Diamond Meter - If you are looking for diamonds or other necessary ores, this mod will be very useful for you because it will show the locations where they are and you can easily fill the entire inventory with useful things from which you can not only build something, but also make the coolest armor of the strongest ores that you will find.

Free download Minecraft with mods / Diamond Meter

  • Dynamic Lights +7 - Dynamic lighting with the addition of this mod will be just on top. If you often wander around the mines in search of the necessary ores, then this supplement is especially useful to you. Now there is no need to put a torch every 10 blocks, because when you have a torch in your hands, it will automatically illuminate dark rooms while the game character is moving.

  • Enchanting Plus - With this mod, it will be possible to enchant items much easier, since the magic table will show how many levels and what magic spells there will be, for example, picks, swords or armor.

Minecraft with mods / Enchanting Plus

  • Enchanced Portals - you are tired of the same color of portals, then you will like this mod and you can paint it in any color that you like.

Enchanced Portals / Minecraft with mods

  • Extra Biomes - With this mod you can plant different trees that you have not even seen, but which were planned to be released in newer versions of Minecraft, as well as in some places on the map when creating a new world, different biomes will be automatically generated, where you and see new types of plants, land or trees.

  • Fancy Fences - The mod adds to the game various fences like fences and other additional items. This mod will be useful to those players who have imagination and who like to build original houses, extensions near your mansions or make a creative house that no one has ever seen and show their masterpiece to their friends.

  • Industrial Craft 2 - This new update of the mod to the second part has made many innovations and changes. In this mod, you will have access to all the necessary blocks and objects for creating complex electrical devices, starting from a nuclear reactor, explosives, quantum physics and the creation of additional devices from generators, cables, metals, as well as new types of ores.
Download Minecraft with mods / Industrial Craft 2

  • Inventory Tweaks - This mod is to some extent also useful of things, its purpose is to completely sort the inventory, that is, if you collected different blocks and they are repeated for you, this mod will collect all the same items in a stack of 64 pieces at a maximum and restore order in your inventory .

  • Iron Chest - New types of chests made of different materials of iron, diamonds, gold, obsidian and even a transparent chest diversify the game, and some of them contain much more things than the standard chest that is in the Minecraft game .
Download Minecraft 1.5.2 client build with popular mods for free
  • Jammy Furniture Mod - The mod represents the most advanced upgrade for the game Minecraft. The developers of this mod can be said to have invested their souls when they created the coolest mod for the interior in which there is almost all the furniture that is useful to create the best interior in a new built house, castle, or palace. There are items for the holidays, or to create a classic atmosphere.

  • Minecraft Comes Alive - This special mod adds to the game the opportunity to get acquainted with the villagers and create a family, for this you need to choose a character at the beginning of the game.

Download the Minecraft client build 1.5.2. with mods

  • NEI - This mod is almost the same as Too Many Items, after installing which you can choose any things, set the weather, time of day and configure additional functions.

  • Painting Selection Gui - There is a special menu in which you can select the desired picture and do not click a hundred times to place in your home and decorate the interior.

  • ReiMinimap - The mod adds a mini-map to the game, which is displayed at the top of the screen and shows your location and nearby places.
Free download Minecraft with mods / Minimap
  • SpawnerGui - Now in order to place some kind of spawner with a specific mob, you do not need to select and click on different spawners, but simply click on the menu and specify which of the monsters will appear.

  • Staircraft - The mod adds modified steps that are useful for creating various types of buildings.

  • The Deconstruction Mod - The mod is unique in that it adds an epic workbench that can be located on a tree or wall, and will perform the same functions as a regular workbench, which is in the usual version of the game.

  • Tree Capitator - An advanced ax with the addition of this mod, will help you cut any tree, even with 20 blocks high with a single swing of the ax.

     The mod works very simply, for this you need to destroy the bottom block of any tree and when you do this, the whole tree will fall apart into small blocks.

     The great thing is that it also destroys the remaining blocks of leaves and gives you all the seedlings

     There is a small feature in this mod if you still need leaf blocks. Just take a pair of scissors in your inventory, and when you destroy the tree, all the leaves will remain, which you may find useful in the future.

     This mod works with the bspkrsCore addon  , which is also added in this Minecraft build.

Dynamic Lights on Creepers
White Tiles
ID Resolver

AtomicStryker and other additional mods.

Download Minecraft 1.5.2 build with mods



Minecraft is a calming game that is made in an entertaining genre for all ages. The survival mode in the game can be set to the difficulty level that suits you. Most of all, players appreciate the creative mode that allows your imagination to grow and build what you want, but for those who like to create copies of objects from the real world, there are different options for this. You can create the world in your image.

Minecraft 1.5.2 and an assembly of 52 mods



It would be great to add even more features to the game, because there are still some monsters, not game characters and objects, so you can add your ideal structure as objects.

Minecraft client 1.5.2 with mods



Minecraft is like virtual legos when used in creative mode, and there  may be collaboration between other players depending on the server.

Download Minecraft 1.5.2 client with mods for free

The launch of the game depends on the performance of your computer, or you can tell the processor and depending on how much RAM it costs, if you click on the minecraft.exe file for a long time to load the game, it is recommended to just wait a bit and do not click several times on the game launch window, which costs nothing happens on the spot, it depends on the fact that in this version of Minecraft many mods are installed and the better your computer, the faster the game will start.



How to install Minecraft with mods? 

Unzip the archive to the .minecraft folder and transfer it to:

  • для Windows 7, Vista - C:/Users/User name/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • для Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/User name/Application Data/.minecraft




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This problem can be easily solved. Basically, such an inscription may be due to the fact that you closed the application or game incorrectly, and therefore the running process remains active, but you do not see this, because this application is running in the background and consumes a lot of memory.

And so, in order to start the game normally, you need to follow a few simple steps.
  • On the desktop we see " My Computer ", click on this icon with the right mouse button and then select " Properties "

  • Then click the additional tab and the button labeled " Environment Variables ".

  • In the " User Environment Variables " section, click the " New " button .

  • We write the name of the variable " JVM_Launcher "

  • The value of the variable must be specified " -Xmx512M " with the expectation that you have at least 1-2 GB of RAM installed on your computer.

  • Now the main thing is to click the " Ok " button on all open tabs so that all the changes made are saved.

  • Reboot your computer.

Now, in theory, the next time you don't completely close a program or
game that consumes a decent amount of memory, your
Minecraft game will start normally.

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You are wearing only one clothes, you have already downloaded the Minecraft game from different sites and everywhere the same thing. angry

Why does the inscription appear when I start the game?

Java Virtual Machine Launcher
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit

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Why add something if we already have a ready-made Minecraft assembly with mods

The version of the game is 1.5.2, so on computers with little RAM and a weak processor, the game will work perfectly.

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If you add mods to this assembly, for example, for weapons, will the game work on old computers?

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