Minecraft with mods Zombie assembly - Weapons and cars

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars

Zombie mod - This is a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that has already filled the game universe and as soon as the next creation in the genre of survival comes to light, we immediately see crowds of zombies, a ruined world after experiments, an army of characters with fantastic weapons and full ammunition to protect against walking monsters in the game Minecraft .



Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



Added a mini map in which there are many different functions to open the Reis Minimap mod menu, press the " M " button .

Minecraft with Techguns mod



Installed HD texture with a resolution of 64x graphics.
Added a Fastcraft mod that speeds up the game.

Minecraft zombie assembly

Minecraft with Optifine HD mods and weapons

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



The machine gun is recommended to be used at close range, since when shooting at a long distance there will be a large spread of bullets that will fly over the heads of the zombies.

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



13 types of zombies have been added and some of them will be able to be in daylight if a helmet is put on these animals.

A zombie miner can also roam in the sunlight, this character has no weapons, except for a pickaxe.

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



Damage Indicators addon adds an interface located at the top of the game screen and which shows the name of the monsters and how much health they have.

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars

Minecraft with Flan's mods for cars

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



The cyber demon will also be armed with a fantastic rifle, which does great damage.

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



Added a TechGuns mod in which there are the best fantastic weapon models with beautiful graphics and now, to cope with the approaching animals - Zombie mobs, you can gather all your cubic friends and make a real 3D shooter in a three-dimensional atmosphere.

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



Energy weapons emit a powerful laser beam that destroys any approaching flock of zombies, with this you can assemble a small reconnaissance squad and start hunting for hostile animals.

Minecraft Forge with mods / Zombies assembly for weapons and cars

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



The Optifine HD graphic mode has been installed , with which you can not only improve the quality of textures, add special effects, but also improve game performance by disabling the delicate functions that are associated with the graphics resources of the video card.

Minecraft with mods (Zombie assembly) for weapons and cars



The Not Enough Items mod has been added , which we think does not need a special introduction, since this addon is already installed for all players who need to change the day, night, quickly find the necessary items or turn on the creative mode to create a new masterpiece in the cubic universe.

Minecraft with mods - Minimap



In this assembly, it was not without the most popular mod " Flan's " , thanks to which new models of 3D cars with unrivaled quality resource packs will be available to you .



Mob Soldier - This cubic character is fully equipped with sturdy armor, an assault rifle, and which can move around during the day.

Download Minecraft with mods



The rocket launcher is used in manual mode and without capturing the target, it is equipped with a powerful charge of missiles, when releasing and hitting the target, whether at home or cubic monsters, smash everything into pieces.

Download Minecraft with mods for free


BetterFps mod has been added , which also improves performance and speeds up Minecraft game mode.
Betterfonts mod will make fonts more readable for different versions of languages ​​that are installed in the game.

Minecraft with weapons


If you do not want to search for these monsters for a long time wandering around the cubic universe, then select special items in the inventory and create creatures.



In this assembly, the  Minecraft Forge version for 1.7.10 was used



How to install Minecraft with mods? 

Unzip the archive to the .minecraft folder :

  • для Windows 7, Vista - C:/Users/User name/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • для Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/User name/Application Data/.minecraft



Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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15 ZombiBlock   [Material]
this is probably the best assembly of minecraft with mods that can be found on the Internet, thank you, now we have created a server with friends and drive cool cars.

14 AndroidCraft   [Material]
Nobody imposes anything on you

And now about the installation, you better look at this topic "How to install Minecraft with mods?"

We hope that you will find something new and informative for yourself.

If you still have questions, please write more specifically what exactly you can’t do, and we will certainly be able to solve your problem.

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13 aspeld   [Material]
цельностеклянные двери

12 AndroidCraft   [Material]
Then you definitely should like this assembly with modss, in which, as you will notice from the picture, there is a hefty ...: up:

11 AndroidCraft   [Material]
You can not even doubt about the quality of this assembly, since all the added mods were tested on different PCs and with different video cards before being added to the game launcher.

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10 Senyorita   [Material]
pictures with zombie monsters mebe: me:

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9 Angelina   [Material]
it’s a pity that you don’t have a video review of this assembly, but everything is super in the pictures, I’ll probably also install

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8 MobiCraft   [Material]
wonderful build with mods, thanks! there is only one remark or recommendation is more correct to express, if you installed shaders with realistic graphics, then this assembly would be the best toy in its genre of building simulators.

7 AndroidCraft   [Material]
When we will create a new assembly with mods, be sure to add realistic shaders.

Do you like beautiful graphics? For you, we have found the best option with installed add-ons.

Minecraft 1.7.10 with mods

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6 Smile :)   [Material]
how sad it all is, you are cheating on bullshit, how to install the assembly?

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