Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2

Today we will look at the continuation of the mod for a weapon that adds new types of barrels for attack, as well as other items for use in melee and ranged combat.



Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2

The mod on weapons Reforged integrates with a couple of dozen different types of melee weapons, namely: 

  • Combat axle
  • Pearl
  • Fire rod
  • The Halberd
  • War hammer
  • Warhammer etc



First, the war hammer is the most expensive melee weapon.
The combat axis does much more damage than a sword, breaks blocks faster than your fists, and has a very large drop. 



A ranged weapon that has a slightly longer range than other types, since you can throw it a short distance and do as much damage as a war hammer, but does not have the same drop and breaks blocks more slowly. 


Pearl - This is the cheapest melee weapon that stands out of the same material, using a yarn and two sticks. 



     But note that the “ War Hammer ”, does less damage than the “ Battle Axweapon , only has a big shade and breaks blocks very quickly, almost as much as a shovel. In addition, the Warhammer has a special ability that allows you to conduct a rapid attack on all mobs within a radius of ten blocks, and if you press the right mouse button, this attack usually kills all mobs near you in one hit. The Warhammer Hammer is made up of four selected materials. 



     In the melee it is recommended to use The Halberd , which has two modes, and does more damage than a battle ax or hammer, but has a smaller radius of action. Cutting mode does less damage, but has a much better attack speed. You can change modes by right-clicking. 

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2


     The halberd costs three types of any material, plus two sticks and one more melee weapon - This is the “ Fiery Core ”, which has only one use and deals only one heart of damage, but rather cheaply when crafting.


This mod also adds a dozen types of ranged weapons:

  • Dart
  • Musket
  • Machine gun
  • Fireball
  • Boomerang
  • Dynamite
  • Crossbow


The first ranged weapon does more damage than a regular bow and arrow. In addition, if you take aim with a dart during a fall, you will deliver a critical hit to the opponent. The dart is made using two sticks and flint. 

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2



The second ranged weapon is the musket , which deals great damage, but reloads after two seconds, until you can shoot again. You can attach a bayonet to a musket, which allows you to strike at enemies, as well as shoot at them. Musketing requires rifle cartridges made of iron ingot, gunpowder, and paper. 

The recipe for making a Musket is quite complex, requiring a musket barrel that is processed with two sticks and a piece of wood, and all other parts consist of three iron ingots, flint and steel. 

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2



The third weapon is a more or less cheap version of a musket that shoots poisonous darts, while poisoning the mobs, causing them to take damage over time. This weapon is also faster and more accurate than the musket. 

For shooting, you will need three sugar cane, and for ammunition a stick, a cactus and a feather. 

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2



For ranged combat, the mod adds a  boomerang , which differs from other ranged weapons in that it has several types, like swords and other melee weapons, such as making wood, stone, iron, diamond and gold.

The boomerang will come back to you when you throw it, however, if you don't throw it with enough force, it will just fall to the ground. In addition, if you move to where the boomerang is thrown, it is likely that it will fly past you.

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2




The next weapon acts as a shotgun and shoots ten bullets with wide spread and great damage, which decreases with distance from the target. Such a weapon is made from a musket and keg. The barrel is crafted from flint and steel. In this weapon, shots are used as ammunition that require gravel, gunpowder and paper. 

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2



Another ranged weapon in this fashion is a crossbow that looks like a musket, only it does less damage and has a faster reload time. The crossbow has a very long range and can hit enemies from more than two hundred blocks that are out of sight. To create a crossbow, you will need a bow, two wooden boards and four iron bars. As ammunition used crossbow bolts, for the manufacture of which requires a feather and an iron ingot. 

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2



And the most destructive ranged weapon that this mod adds is dynamite . In fact, you throw it, and it explodes, doing about twice as little damage as regular explosives. Dynamite requires two blocks of gunpowder and a string for making. 



We turn to the additional weapons that can not be divided into distant or near:

  • A spear
  • Knife
  • A gun

     A spear  does less damage than a sword, but it can be used both in melee and in ranged combat, because you can drop it and strike, and the damage will be the same anyway. The spear is made of one necessary material and two sticks. 


     The second weapon is a knife , more or less similar to a spear, only it has less strength and can be folded. The good thing about a knife is that it can be made without a workbench, since it only requires a stick and one material.

Mod for weapons Reforged for Minecraft 1.12.2


     The third additional weapon is a cannon , which differs from other types in that it can be placed, and you need to mount a cannon to shoot at it. The gun will be loaded if you right-click while holding gunpowder in your hand, then wait a few seconds and left-click to shoot.
Making a gun consists of five iron ingots, logs, flint and steel.



How to add mod to Minecraft game?

  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and unzip the archive
  • Move the  Reforged Mod 1.12  file to the .minecraft / mods folder


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