Parkour Addon MCPE 1.20 for Win 10, iOS, Android

Mod Parkour Concept for Minecraft PE 1.16 on Android

Parkour Concept Pack is a mod MCPE for Android that will appeal to all parkour lovers. It will add various timers, counters and checkpoints. With the help of the add-on, it will be possible to easily create maps, compete with friends, and create new and interesting modes. It is worth noting that for the mod to work, you must activate the cheat mode.



  • Jump counter. Use the /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar jump command to open an information panel that displays the number of times the player has jumped.
  • Game mode switch. Gives the player a marker that quickly changes the game mode when activated. To get it, enter the command /tag @p add admin, to remove - /tag @p remove admin.
  • Return to the checkpoint. To make a return, you need to hold down any point on the screen.
  • Setting control points - To get the item, you need to move to the Adventure mode and activate the command:  /tag @p add auth . The /tag @p remove auth command will remove an item from your inventory. To use an item, you need to click on the desired point, after which it will be marked as a control point.
  • Blocking respawn points. Blocks all set points at the time of activation. Suitable for testing the card.
  • Sponge. You can place a block that will update the checkpoint.
  • Thigh. If you step on a block, the player will be moved back to the save point.
  • Timer. Suitable for organizing survival races.
  • Notepad - Creates a point, after passing which the timer is activated.
  • Musical block. Updates the timer.
  • Red dust lamp. End point for timer and speedrun.
  • Arrows and pointers. Will help indicate the direction for parkour. Activation command: "/summon pk: text name of your course.
  • Changing the subject for the speedrun. Allows you to change the block for the start and end of the speedrun.
  • Sound. You can add a sound effect, for this you need to enter the command: /tag @e [name = console] add sound, and to disable it: /tag @e [name = console] remove sound.


How to install mod for Minecraft PE?

  • Download and Unzip archive
  • Install ES Explorer on your device
  • Through ES Explorer, open the folder in which the parkour_pack.mcaddon files is located and launch it, Minecraft should open automatically and you will see at the top of the game screen that the addon is being imported
  • After successful import, go to settings, global resources and activate textures for addon.
  • When you create a map or play in a saved game, you need to go to the settings and activate the  parameter sets and resource sets


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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