Free Download Deadkron Map Minecraft PE for Android, iOS, Win 11, 10

Most likely you are again looking for a map for an online game in multiplayer mode, and if so, then try adding DeadKron's saved world in the Bedrock Edition cubic horror genre to Minecraft P ... Read more »

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Free Download ENBS Shaders Mod Minecraft PE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Now graphics addition mods are popular among users from the Minecraft game community, because due to the cubic design of this gaming masterpiece from Mojang, players want more modern graphics or more or less approaching new technologies, and in this regard, we decided to present for you, another Shader for Minecraft PE ... Read more »

Free Download DayZ Gun Mod MCPE 1.20 for iOS, Android

Immerse yourself in the extreme world of the Zombie Apocalypse after adding the DayZ mod for Minecraft PE "Bedrock Edition 1.20" on your Windows 10 PC or install the new add-on in MCPE on your mobile device ... Read more »

Sport Vehicles Modpack Minecraft PE 1.20 for iOS, Android, Win 10

For lovers of sporting events, we present a Minecraft assembly with race car mods for «MCPE 1.20» with excellent 3D models of cars, as well as unique visual and graphic effects on your phone or PC ... Read more »

Free Download Gun Sci-Fi Mod Minecraft PE 1.20 for Win 10

For Bedrock Edition, there are completely different weapon mods and add-ons, among the modifications there are famous add-ons for 3D guns, which are created exclusively for MCPE, but only in the fantastic style of the Sci-Fi add-on for modern weapons of the future ... Read more »

Free Download Addon Minecraft PE 1.20 for iOS

Addon Nuke - This is a mod that installs additional creatures, or more precisely, these are uranium creepers and these animals are very dangerous if you play in survival mode, as they can destroy an entire building with their explosion and they are created in the same way as ordinary mobs in Minecraft PE game ... Read more »

Free Download Addon Minecraft PE 1.20 for Android

This mod for Minecraft PE is focused on the study of biomes and the world. The author improved the appearance of some standard biomes and added new ones for version 1.20 - 1.18 inclusive ... Read more »

Vehicles Corvettte C4 ZR1 Car Addon MCPE for iOS, Android

Mod developers have been creating add-ons for foreign cars for Minecraft PE for several years now, and in this case, today we present you with an excellent 3D car model that can be added to MCPE both on mobile devices and on PC ... Read more »

Free Download Addon Dynamic Light MCPE 1.20 for iOS

The Dynamic Light addon adds a new feature to Minecraft PE, after which you will have a mod with dynamic lighting in the same way as it is implemented for the computer version of Java Edition, but only for MCPE ... Read more »

Free Download Adddon Ford Crown Minecraft PE for iOS

Mod Ford Crown Victoria - This stylish car was created in the style of a powerful sedan for the game Minecraft Bedrock Edition.This car is built to last and such a machine is ideal for trips on MCPE block cubes ... Read more »

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